Types of massage treatments in a day spa in Paddington, Sydney

Do you feel your muscles tense and taut even when trying to unwind at night? In this modern era of fast-paced living, it can be extremely difficult to truly relax and feel peaceful when there are so many distractions and tasks to be completed. This is reality – there are going to be very few times in our busy lives when there will be nothing to do. And with the influx of medical research to support evidence that building up stress can lead to detrimental health effects in later life, everyone is seeking for ways to restore balance.

So, how to you unwind and escape from all these stresses?

A day spa in Paddington, Sydney!

Massages are an ancient form of healing that is guaranteed to soothe your tense muscles and help you reach a place of true inner relaxation. Yet, there are often so many packages to choose from, that it can be difficult to determine which one is for you. To save you interrogating masseuses in a day spa in Paddington, Sydney, here is a list to de-mystify the massages out there.

Acupressure massage

Not quite as daunting as acupuncture, acupressure utilises its principles of applying pressure on certain parts of the body with fingertips instead of needles. This type of massage will de-stress and relieve painful or taut muscles and tendons in your back. Through the increased blood circulation and flow of energy, your mind and body will unwind and fall into a tranquil state of being I n a day spa in Paddington, Sydney.

Thai massage

Escape to the tropics of Thailand and benefit from its ancient traditional healing practices in a day spa in Paddington, Sydney. It blends acupressure, body rocking and assisted stretching to treat back or shoulder pain, muscle strain or a stiff neck. It is generally taken place on the floor, and is a full body effort using the feet, knees, elbows, thumbs and palms to align your energies, improve flexibility and range of motion. The massage therapist uses rhythmic compression and stretches in a sequence of postures, improving your blood circulation and tense muscles. When you get a Thai massage in a day spa in Paddington, Sydney, you will emerge rejuvenated in your mind, body and soul.


A Swedish massage that uses the power of smell to unlock your energies and promote relaxation. Scented plant oils, believed to have healing properties, are diffused in the day spa in Paddington, Sydney, to immerse one in its aroma and create a meditative, tranquil atmosphere for you to find peace. Different types of oils can also be used to target specific requirements such as relax, energize or uplift.

The soothing effects of aromatherapy in a day spa in Paddington, Sydney, can not only help you relax, but alleviate heachaches, insomnia, premenstrual symptoms and digestive disorders.

Hot stone massage

As the name suggests, this type of therapy places heated smooth stones on targeted points of the body to loosen tight muscles and detoxify the body. A day spa in Paddington, Sydney, utilises volcanic rocks which retain heat well, and do not burn the skin.

The stones aid in loosening muscles, so that the therapist can target areas of tension at a deeper level. At the day spa in Paddington, Sydney, the intensely relaxing therapy improves circulation, relieves aches, pains and reduces stress to really detox your mind and body.

Indian head massage

A head massage can be intensely relaxing and soothing for the entire body, especially as stress is often accumulated in the muscles and tissues of the head, neck and shoulders. The day spa in Paddington, Sydney, bases this massage on Ayurvedic healing and applies pressure and movements to the neck, shoulder and scalp, to provide treatment for stress, insomnia and headaches.


There are massages unique to countries all across the world, based on ancient practices and traditions. However, they all share one common thing – the ability to truly immerse one in a soothing environment and provide cathartic relief from every day stress. Incorporate this into your schedule and visit a day spa in Paddington, Sydney, and your body and mind will thank you in later life.

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