Measuring The Anaplan vs. Adaptive Planning Business Software Battle

Whenever the topic of “business process management software” emerges, you will quickly land on the Anaplan vs. Adaptive planning battle.

Like Microsoft and Apple fighting for digital supremacy or Coles and Woolworths in the Australian supermarket sector, these two heavyweights have divided the market and opinion when it comes to the merits of each package.

Whilst a weakness on one side will usually be countered by a strength on the other, there is very little to delineate between competing brands who both have their unique qualities.

As we take a closer examination as to which of the Anaplan vs. Adaptive planning software packages is worth your time and money, we will utilise some of the key benchmarks that consumers will consider before making their choice.

Training Modules

When it comes to Anaplan vs. Adaptive planning on the benchmark of online training modules, the latter wins unanimously. There is an Anapedia function on behalf of Anaplan but it does not match what other brands have to over as far as depth and scope of educating the consumer. Due to the fact that this service was specifically designed to be user-friendly and to eliminate hassle on its functionality, that is not so much of a surprise.

Adaptive planning on the other hand delivers categorically through its Webex training function to offer their clientele any profile of session they would like. Consumers can transition from amateurs and beginners to competent analysts with their help and assistance, a facet worth considering when buying a package.

Winner: Adaptive

User-Friendly Functions

The Anaplan vs. Adaptive planning battle now progresses to the benchmark of user-friendly functions. On this point, it is Anaplan that emerges victorious, given its similarity to Excel by providing only a limited number of functions that is easier to follow through on. The Insights program does require a greater degree of eduction to be up to speed on all of its capabilities, something that consumers are not even confident of exploring to its complete capacity.

Winner: Anaplan

Scaling Your Data Model

As we continue to run our eye over the Anaplan vs. Adaptive planning business software battle, we will take a look at the scalability of the packages. On this count, the advantage lies with the Insights brand, as this is one of the fundamental features that defines its success. From the metadata changes to altering formulae that helps with a business’s flexibility and adaptability, Anaplan is left wanting.

This is a facet that does not allow for a vast selection of datasets to transition from one model to the next. That additional lag is not ideal for an enterprise that needs a high capacity operator to function correctly. For scaling data, the Anaplan vs. Adaptive planning has to be settled for the latter.

Winner: Adaptive

Customer Satisfaction

The final facet to examine with the Anaplan vs. Adaptive planning competition comes down to the reception by those that have bought into each package and offered their feedback. On this marker, the scores cannot be split. Insights runs the board with its leading features of revenue and workforce management, profitability analysis and cash flow reporting. Then Anaplan’s app hub, model building and in-memory processing makes that brand an enticing product to purchase. The ratings are high across the board as business managers see value in each service.

Winner: Tied


There are any number of benchmarks you can choose when looking at the Anaplan vs. Adaptive planning software battle. Whilst the former does not come equipped with a free trial, you can still request a demo that will give you a general understanding of its functions and processes.


View the Anaplan vs. Adaptive planning competition from the standpoint of those who have bought into it and speak with trusted colleagues and peers about the merits of each.

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