Characteristics of a Perfect Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer is a great asset to have as a couple celebrates their nuptials with close friends and family.


To capture this glorious event as two loving people make a commitment to one and other, there is a need to showcase and relive this experience for those that were in attendance, and those that were not there.


Yet it can be a difficult task to identify a professional wedding photographer in Sydney that ticks all of the relevant boxes you are seeking.


Are they transparent? What are their prices like? What style are that suited to? What does their final product actually look like on reflection? How well are they recommended and where did you source their credentials?


These are all pertinent questions that must be asked if you are to settle on a professional that can get the job done.


So what is important for you to look out for to rest your worries at ease and to have a photographer on hand who can capture those beautiful moments?


Here we will outline the features and characteristics that separates the great from the decent performers in this industry.

Open To Suggestions


A strong degree of transparency never goes astray with a professional working relationship, and that also applies to the world of the wedding photographer. As you sit down with a consultation, you need to ensure that they are flexible, open to your ideas and suggestions, and are willing to genuinely listen to your idea for their photography. At the end of the day this is your wedding so to source a professional that is one-dimensional who doesn’t take into account the desires of the client is not worth your investment.

Well Priced


If you want to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for a wedding photographer, chances are they will be the ones who are best equipped, resourced and issue the client with the best end product. However, there is a good chance you will have a limited budget to play with on a day where expenses can really blow out of control.


You should be able to access a menu of prices with different packages that allows you to eliminate unwanted costs and to maximise their value whilst they are on site. From the amount of time spent on location to the amount of photographs taken and their staff on hand, there are limitations you should be able to place on the service as the client to keep these concerns at bay.

Rarely Seen or Heard on the Day


A universal rule for any wedding photographer is that they should be an active participant on the day despite rarely being noticed by those in attendance. There will be occasions when they have to issue some minor instructions on placement and to find the right level of lighting, but that is essentially where they stop. The rest of the day they should remain behind the scenes without making extra demands or being a burden where their presence is continually noticed.


In Demand


Probably the only ideal characteristic of a wedding photographer that does not directly benefit the client is one that is in high demand. What this illustrates is that the operator is cherished and valued by the local community and in order to obtain their services, you need to be calling early and seeking a consultation months in advance.

Final Product in Variety of Formats


A wedding photographer should be able to offer you as part of the packaged deals a number of formats for the final presentation. There are physical copies that can be placed in frames and blown up as portraits for the household, but the digital copies for social media and to be sent to friends and family on email or text are just as valid.

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