What a Client Should Expect From a Criminal Defence Lawyer In Melbourne

There won’t be a shortage of finding a criminal defence lawyer in Melbourne anytime soon. The Victorian capital is packed with names of firms and operators who will take on the role when called upon.

The responsibility therefore rests on the shoulders of the client who has to decide whether or not they have settled on the right candidate.

The decision will be a subjective one that speaks to their overall competence and willingness to carry out the legal representation in the right spirit and attitude.

When throwing in and weighing up all of the tangible and intangible elements that helps a client inform them about a criminal defence lawyer in Melbourne, they should also undertake their own due diligence.

We will help those making that tough decision right here by looking at the traits that should be universally expected from the client in this field.


Keeping private details private is fundamental to the practice of a criminal defence lawyer in Melbourne. Discretion is paramount to ensuring that any information is not disclosed to the prosecution when and where that is necessary, although they will have their opportunity when the time comes. Unless the consultation could embroil the attorney in the act of a crime, then the attorney-client privilege must be protected at all costs. They should keep a low public profile and only utilise assets to the case when it is needed.

Bullish Attitude

A criminal defence lawyer in Melbourne that is relentless is a tremendous asset to have on your side. They do not need to be overtly vocal or public with their statements, but it can really help your cause if they are pursuing justice at every avenue and working around the clock on your behalf. Those professionals that have a myriad of cases on their desk and only examine your material from time to time is simply wasting your time. They must be aggressively pursuing leads and avenues on a regular basis.

Contacts and Networks

It does not hurt one bit to have a criminal defence lawyer in Melbourne that is well connected and a reputation around town as a friendly and transparent operator. This will speak to their interpersonal skills and standing in the community, as a representative from outside the city or interstate could jeopardise your chances.

Upholds Their Integrity

Integrity with lawyers can be a tricky field because cases are taken on by professionals, even when the evidence points to their client’s guilt. A criminal defence lawyer in Melbourne will only have their integrity in tact when they have illustrated competence mixed with a strong moral aptitude that is not swayed by external influences. The client will always want their lawyer to push for the win regardless of the process, but if you want your innocence to be proven or for the conflict to fall in your favour, then a professional of strong moral standing really can help.

Top Negotiator

Negotiating is part and parcel of the role of a criminal defence lawyer in Melbourne. Whether it is downgrading a charge, requesting an extension or delaying a hearing, you need a lawyer who negotiates well with others.


No two professionals as a criminal defence lawyer in Melbourne will be identical. Their track records won’t match up and the way they consult with their clientele will differentiate as well.

Should you stop to take some time and genuinely assess the positives and negatives of their expertise, then you can head into the legal proceedings with as strong an assurance as you can ascertain. There are zero guarantees that a criminal defence lawyer in Melbourne will win your case for you, but you need to know that they will put your best case forward under all circumstances.

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