6 Reasons to Choose Synthetic Grass over Natural Turfs

A turf is a perfect addition to any home or commercial property to improve its curb appeal. From complementing the flowerbeds to end-to-end installation on your lawn, Sydney synthetic grass is a better substitute for natural turfs, and here are five reasons that support this claim.



If you choose synthetic turfs over the natural ones, the grass will always be greener on your lawn than in the entire neighbourhood. While natural grass tends to lose its green as the season changes from spring to summer to winter, Sydney synthetic grass stands up to the environmental factors and retains its green all year round, year on year.


The modern synthetic grass is so realistic to look at that it’s hard to tell the difference – another excellent reason to choose Sydney synthetic grass over the real thing.


No mowing required

While synthetic grass might disappoint homeowners who love to mow their lawn every day, it’s a blessing for those who are pressed for time and have other important tasks to handle. When you replace your natural turfs with the synthetic ones, you can save a lot of time and money that would go into regular mowing. Now that you have got Sydney synthetic grass, don’t let your mowing equipment sit in the garage and catch rust. Sell or donate it to someone who would love to push it around in their lawn.


Saves Water

Natural grass requires regular watering. Inadequate water or maintenance causes the natural grass to wilt, whereas there’s no such issue with its artificial counterpart. Since Sydney synthetic grass does not need regular watering, apart from occasional cleaning, the quantity of water that you save every day can go nicely towards your pool or any water feature you may have in your lawn.


No Pests/Insects

Australia is home to some of the most dangerous species of insects in the world, and they can easily crawl into your home via your lawn. Natural grass is a natural habitat for insects as well as a breeding ground for allergens, which means letting your kids or pets run around outside is not safe.


On the other hand, Sydney synthetic grass can be treated before or after installation to keep all those creepies and crawlies at bay, making it child-and-pet friendly, as well as a perfect outdoor entertaining area for guests.


No Mud

Synthetic grass does not have its roots in the ground. The grass blades are erected on a thick underlay, which can be rolled up for easy transportation and storage. Also, having artificial grass in your lawn means your kids and pets will bring less mud into the living room or kitchen. Further, synthetic turfs are less slippery during wet conditions, preventing slip and fall accidents.


Affordable in the long run

Artificial grass is a one-time investment that goes a long way into the future. As compared to natural grass, the maintenance is nil, plus you get a beautiful, green turf all year round without having to move a muscle. You can purchase Sydney synthetic grass in a size that fits your space and budget. This way, you will pay only for what you use, and there will be no wastage during installation.


Another benefit of Sydney synthetic grass is that it can be installed anywhere on your property: terrace or balcony, unlike natural grass which does not grow indoors.


If you are planning to buy synthetic turf, hire experienced installation experts for best results.


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