What a Contemporary Business Should Demand From Their Digital Marketing Consultant

The role of the digital marketing consultant is not to be underestimated in the current 2018 commercial environment, especially with the level of demand for the SEO Sydney consultants.


This will outline a professional who is experienced and skilled across a variety of practices pertaining to online promotional activity.


Against these core benchmarks they can be judged, from SEO expertise to social media savvy, website maintenance and delivering a content strategy that is consistent and coherent.


However, there are also benchmarks that pertain to the individual practitioner who is implementing these operations.


Given their capacity to deliver on the digital side of the business, there are other additional expectations that an organisation should maintain when entering into a professional agreement.


In that spirit, we will analyse in further detail the demands that enterprises should be placing on these consultants who are promoting themselves as diligent and trustworthy operators in digital marketing.

Regular Communication


The fundamental principle that underpins any successful digital marketing consultant is the ability to communicate effectively. From the moment that initial discussion is made to scheduling consultations and responding in quick time to phone calls, emails and text messages, there is an imperative placed on these professionals to speak transparently and at regular intervals. Failing to adhere to this task will raise questions and doubts about the fitness of the consultant to undertake the job correctly, leaving managers in a stressed state where they are unsure if the project can be fulfilled or not.

Clearly Specified Targets


All parties need to be 100% clear on the objectives and targets that are laid out by a digital marketing consultant. This framework will be crafted after careful deliberation by the organisation and the specialist, opening a dialogue about the target market, the amount of resources that can be invested and the potential opportunities that can be utilised by these programs. These ambitions should not be lofty, but carefully thought out and modest before the results allow for further growth in the months and years to come.

Agreed Financial Terms


A digital marketing consultant has to be upfront about the services they will be charging for. Any hidden fees or extensions that venture beyond the original agreement without sufficient explanation or prior understanding is a violation of trust and a professional discourtesy at best. Enterprises source the expertise of a consultant based largely on two core factors:


  • The portfolio of the professional
  • The affordability and fees included


Failing the second facet of this scenario presents dangers and an organisation would be well within their rights to dismiss the consultant.

Creative Solutions


The reality of this scenario is that no digital marketing consultant is perfect. Mistakes will be made and problems will arise that simply cannot be mitigated against in the following moments. What should be present is a professional who is versatile, suitable to difficult situations and has the ability to source creative solutions to the problem at hand. Igniting fresh ideas is an attribute that can be rare to identify, but a marketer who is proficient in this department will become a tremendous asset to the company and prove to be a wise investment.

Craft Strategy Towards Core Brand Messaging


Modern day businesses have to consider their brand message at all times when promoting their name to the online community. When it comes to issuing demands to their digital marketing consultant, this is a consideration that has to be front of mind on all occasions. Inconsistencies and lapses in this field can erode trust from the public and fails to garner to type of support an enterprise is seeking to obtain.



The only demands that can be placed on a digital marketing consultant are those that are formulated by the organisation internally. There will be different benchmarks according to the profile of the business, but consultants in this industry should universally adhere to these core principles if they are to be regularly hired by companies in domestic and foreign markets.

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