5 Things a Chiropractor in Castle Hill Can Help With


A good chiropractor in Castle Hill is a postgraduate-trained and industry certified health professional that can treat a range of musculoskeletal and nervous system issues. They typically work with the spine to make adjustments and corrections in order to alleviate symptoms. They are also often trained in paediatrics, physical rehabilitation and clinical nutrition, making them a worthwhile addition to your health and wellness team.

While they can’t treat infections or broken bones, there is a lot they can do. Here are 5 scientifically-backed things that a chiropractor in Castle Hill can assist with.


Neck pain

Appropriate manipulation of the spine has been shown to reduce neck pain better than medication. A professional can also perform an assessment to determine the root cause of the neck pain – it may be coming from the shoulders, for instance. This can help ensure that the symptom is treated properly and further improve range of motion.

It is worth noting that there may be a risk of stroke in older adults when performing neck manipulations, so tell your provider if you have any stroke risk factors before going through with treatment.


Blood pressure

A chiropractor in Castle Hill may also be able to help treat high blood pressure. A study found that after a single spinal manipulation session, people with high blood pressure and misaligned neck vertebra had their blood pressure drop greatly – the effects equivalent to taking two blood pressure pills at the same time. While this doesn’t mean you should stop taking your medication, it’s worthwhile having a discussion with your doctor to determine whether or not you should give spinal manipulation a go.


Lower back pain

back massage

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints that a chiropractor in Castle Hill will treat on a daily basis. Poor posture, overuse and injury are common causes of lower back pain. Thankfully, this is something that can typically be easily treated in therapy. Typically, the sacroiliac joint will be manipulated in order to relieve the pain and relax the surrounding muscles.


Digestive issues

It might seem odd, but spinal manipulation can also assist with digestive issues! This is because digestion is linked to the nerves in a certain region of the spine. Studies have found that thoracic disc herniation is linked to chronic abdominal pain and IBS. By realigning the vertebrae, the nerves will stop being affected and can return to proper functioning. This can help reduce the likelihood of experiencing digestive issues like heartburn and bloating.


Pregnancy pain

Poor pelvic alignment is a common cause of sciatica and lower back pain – the main reasons why pregnant women seek treatment from a chiropractor in Castle Hill. Because many treatments are not available during pregnancy (such as medication and surgery) as they may negatively impact the foetus, spinal readjustment is seen as a safer alternative means of dealing with the pain. This will generally involve working with the sacrum and sacroiliac joint in order to readjust the pelvis. One study found that spinal readjustment reduced pregnancy-related pains in 75% of patients!



head massage

If your headaches are being caused by neck or back pain, a chiropractor in Castle Hill may be able to help alleviate your symptoms. They can do this by combining spinal manipulation with a massage in order to ease muscle tension and relieve the headache. This treatment may also be of use to those who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines.



Whether you’re suffering from lower back pain or sciatica, there’s no need to prolong the pain. Consider visiting a chiropractor in Castle Hill in order to relieve your symptoms.

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