Positives and Negatives of Buying a Laser Cutting Machine

The modern laser cutting machine is a brilliantly designed piece of technology that allows operators to manufacture all manner of intricate and high quality designs.

Utilized across a variety of industries, this high powered beam can fashion all types of shapes and patterns that suit the user.

Yet there are some minor drawbacks to this investment that have to be outlined.

Here we will weigh up the positives and negatives of this machine.

Positive: Excellent Cutting Accuracy

Given that the modern laser cutting machine is computer numerical controlled (CNC), there is no need to consider human error as it is applied to a product. This gives a consistency and accuracy where even the most minuscule and intricate of designs are handled with the utmost care. Where other items need to see a comprehensive finishing process to treat and clean the surface, this offers a high-quality cut where the edges and crafted the way they were originally intended. The human hand cannot offer this degree of precision and that is one of the most reliable and attractive features of the brand.

Negative: Not Applicable To All Materials

The laser cutting machine is brilliant when it comes to its versatility for the application. From ring markings to production line markings, copper cutting, crafting circles in steel, deep relief engraving, square tube cutting and more – there are all manner of industries that utilise this technology for their own needs within specific niches of the marketplace.

However, it is must be outlined that this is a product that is not exactly suited to all types of materials and this can place some restrictions on its use. For metals and non-metals like wood, plastic, paper and gemstone there will be operators who have to adjust its thickness and customise the depth and cut speed depending on what is being created. Before proceeding with a transaction it is vital that any owner understands what it can be applied to and what it cannot because there will be limitations.

Positive: Great Safety Features

The mechanical components that are integrated into a laser cutting machine ensure that safety measures are front and center of the design. So often these models within industrial environments place the worker at risk of injury where one slip or moment of oversight can be disastrous. The enclosure element prevents hands and fingers from slipping into an unwanted zone where the laser can interfere with any outside presence. Occupational health and safety is a domain that carries a moral imperative to look after the worker, but there are also costs that are associated with individuals who are incapacitated as projects are stalled and slowed down. There is no need to have those concerns with this type of investment.

Negative: High Energy Consumption

Whilst the modern laser cutting machine works discretely where there is little noise emitted from the process, the energy consumption does accumulate. There is a great deal of energy necessary to maneuver through the metal, wood, plastic or steel as the shaving and trimming requires the item to be functioning at maximum capacity. For sole tradesmen or businesses that need to carefully monitor their energy output, there could have to be additional consideration about the type of brand that is purchased to lower the energy footprint.

Positive: Minimal Repair and Conditioning

If you can overlook some of the shortcoming with the laser cutting machine, it does prove to be an excellent investment. In large part this can be attributed to the minimal repair and conditioning necessary to keep the item running. Outside of the initial installation, there is minimal human interference required and as a result, it does not falter under the weight of intensive contact. This makes for a durable product that goes the distance.

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