Social Media trends hitting businesses in 2018

As with the digital marketing landscape, social media is constantly changing and these platforms are now striving to become leaders in innovative marketing options and audience targeting. As a result, businesses need to take not and advantage of these new additions to social media platforms.

Knowing and engaging with your audience

Facebook recently announced that they would be making changes to their algorithm to ensure that people receive less brand and organisational information on their news feeds and more friend-related information.

This means that businesses will need to have a deeper understanding of who their audience is and what they want to see on their news feeds.

Information from businesses and brands will now need to be more engaging and socially targeted as opposed to click-bait advertising.

FB and Instagram’s Ad Manager

This point relates to the above as marketers will now need to be more aware of the types of ads and their frequency across peoples news feeds. This means having a deeper understanding of your audience’s needs and wants, as mentioned above, so that the Ad Manager can be used more effectively.

This means that specific social media campaigns will need to be run and made relevant to the platform. This means running various campaigns across each of the platforms to best target your audience.

Having a rich understanding of the Ad Manager tool on these platforms is crucial to the success of the social media campaign.

Driven by mobile

Mobile search and internet use is becoming more and more popular every day as people shift from their laptops and desktops to their mobile phones.

This means that your content and advertising must be suitable for mobile users. Having mobile-specific sites and tailoring your campaigns towards mobile devices is going to be critical to getting the most out of your marketing dollars.

The rise of video

Videos relate well to the above point on mobile with a huge rise in the prominence and response to video advertising in comparison to text and images. Video can come in a number of forms and as people are now constantly on their mobiles, access to video is even easier.

Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook all provide features that enable businesses to post live or pre-recorded videos relevant to a campaign on specific activity on the day. However, ensuring that these videos load quickly and contain the relevant information is important to keep people engaged.

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