Why The Embrava Blynclight Is Popular For Commercial Spaces

The Embrava Blynclight has been identified as one of the leading telecommunication outlets for modern day businesses.


For a sales desk or a customer service department that needs to syncronise all processes and to have everyone working by the same guidelines, there must be an application that allows employees to work on the same level as one and other.


Fortunately this is a program that provides such an environment. Those operations who rely on standardised telecommunication tools from traditional telco’s around Australia are not only paying top dollar for an often outdated quality of product, but they can miss out on important business.


With interrupted calls and missed calls being fundamental to the drop in customer retention rates, it is paramount more than ever in 2018 to ensure that the phone desks are efficiently run and ready to jump at opportunities that present themselves.


This is where the Embrava Blynclight steps into the breach. Here we will discuss why this item is proving itself to be so popular in the commercial sector right now.

Flexibility of Use


The Embrava Blynclight can be accessed for those who are often on the go, for those that are not able to hear well or who struggle with their eyesight. Should a company have disabled employees or just an environment that is not conducive to hearing or seeing well with various impairments in the way of the desks, cubicles or workspaces, then this system is right for you.


Audio alerts can be implemented, just as visual alerts can as well. From status lights to headsets and more, from large spaces to tight ones, the flexibility of this program is one of the real tangible assets that makes it such an enticing brand to buy into.

Top Down Approach


The Embrava Blynclight can allow you to centralise all modes of communication through one centralised portal. This can allow a call service desk to divert consumers and clients off to various departments without having to select a number before pressing the ‘#’ key.


A status light will give a central to that authority as to who from the department is available and to divert when and where it is appropriate. That keeps the call centre in the loop as well as offering an open and transparent process for the end user who wants their enquiry dealt with as soon as humanly possible.

Personal Customisation


The Embrava Blynclight can produce a named signage to illustrate who you are and what your work status is. From a busy call to a pending call, an available tag to a do not disturb sign and more – this is customised to you and your workspace. The Embrava Flow application even goes a step further in this sense to modify the environment as the software understands your work patterns. That is the best of artificial intelligence at work.

Different Packages


As has been shown by the Flow outlet, the Embrava Blynclight can be bought from any number of angles. With the standard series to a nameplate, the Lumena series with stereo headset varieties and licenses that are applicable with different software providers, the choice is really up to your business and its needs.

Reliable Brand


The Embrava Blynclight does not need to have a series of testimonials from customers to showcases its reputation in the current commercial landscape, although it does lay that out through their marketing material. It is through their partnerships and compatibility with other software brands that illustrates just how well thought of this supplier happens to be.


From Skype to Lync, Counter Path, Windows, Mac, Ring Central, Zoom, GENESYS and Cisco Finesse, these are brands synonymous with providing the most cutting edge technology for telecommunications. The fact that the Embrava Blynclight works in line with all of these providers indicates that this is a brand that knows what its customers have in store and they are catering to that platform.



Take a further look at what the Embrava Blynclight has to offer. It won’t be the resolution to all of your telecommunication needs, but it will go a long way to syncronising your operation from top to bottom.

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