Why DIY Plumbing Repair is a Bad Idea?

Hiring a plumber Sydney will cost you way less than a DIY plumbing repair gone wrong. A plumbing system is a complex one, with several pipes running behind the walls and as many valves regulating the pressure of water inside them. You try to fix a leaking valve, for instance. With one wrong maneuver of the wrench, you are highly likely to make the situation worse and incur troubles which aren’t easy to fix.


What else could go wrong with DIY plumbing repairs, you might ask?

Got a leaking valve or faucet which is now sputtering water in all directions? You thought throwing a spanner in plumbing works couldn’t make it any worse. We hate to bear the bad news, but it can get worse than you may think. There’s one thing we know about plumbing: one wrong move leads to multiple consequences, and the next one is always worse than the previous. Therefore, hiring a plumber is the best way forward to not only get the repairs done to the highest standard but also curb the water from flooding your bathroom and other rooms, one by one.


How to choose the right expert for your plumbing-related issues?

Now that we are on the same page, subscribing to the idea that hiring an experienced plumber of Sydney metropolitan is always safer and convenient than taking the matters in your unskilled hands, here’s how you should choose one.



A plumber with at least of five years of experience and regular callouts will have fixed more plumbing issues than you will face in your entire life. That being said, any plumbing issue that might send you in a state of panic can be fixed by an expert in his sleep.



However, the experience is not the only measure of credibility here. And that brings us to the next thing to look for in your potential plumber in Sydney – certification. If a regulatory authority certifies your prospective plumbing specialist, it means he has spent time and money to learn the skills, which are honed with experience. Having a certified plumbing expert at your disposal is an assurance of job done well.


Public Liability Insurance

The fact that every professional plumber is fully insured gives you the peace of mind that their Public Liability Insurance will cover any damage caused during repairs. It is mandatory for every plumber in Sydney to have Public Liability Insurance, and if he does not, you’d better find someone who does.



Any plumber in Sydney who is serious about his profession and has been around for over five years understands that customers are more than numbers and paychecks. A friendly, courteous plumbing expert is always willing to listen to your situation and furnish you with a detailed course of action, followed by a free price quote. If your plumbing expert refuses to provide a free price quote, he’s probably not sure about the job and the solution, as it implies.


Have a look at their testimonials

Every reputed plumber with an established online presence keeps testimonials as a proof of their conduct. If you find happy customers putting in a good word for him, it’s a sign you should try his services, too.

DIY repairs can be a quick, temporary fix to a plumbing-related problem, but if you want to nip the issue in the bud, consider hiring a skilled, certified and experienced professional.

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