What Is Kwikstage Scaffolding?

kwikstage scaffolding

When it comes to building and construction, timing is everything. Sticking to a schedule is paramount and one of the key challenges that many project managers face. Equipment and tools hampering the work schedule is a major issue to avoid and is a key reason for many if the innovations in the tools and technology we use on a daily basis in construction. Intelligently designed equipment can make projects move a lot quicker and will save a lot of time and money on a worksite. Improved equipment is also much safer which is extremely important in the construction world. Scaffold equipment has always traditionally been quite time consuming, requiring a lot of time for set up, maintenance and dismantling and requiring a lot of time investment in training. Luckily with the advent of innovative equipment like Kwikstage scaffolding, timings are becoming shorter and quality and safety are improving. Kwikstage scaffolding helps to dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on the set up and dismantling stage of construction and makes no sacrifices in safety. So what should you consider before investing in it?

The benefits of Kwikstage scaffolding

Kwikstage scaffolding is basically an incredibly versatile modular equipment system that doesn’t require fasteners. Instead a grid-like framework is quickly and easily assembled. Kwikstage is favoured by many in the construction and building industry because it is much faster and easier to assemble than traditional scaffold equipment. Because of the ease of set up and the relatively straightforward system for doing it, Kwikstage scaffolding is fantastic for companies that value ease-of-assembly and who want to spend less time on getting set up and upskilling staff. The equipment is extremely safe and a great solution for almost any height and application. It is used in almost every industry nowadays, from repair and maintenance work, to house painting or jobs that require height. For many companies this equipment is the best choice, as it has a great reputation for quality and safety and is a much simpler system to use.

A smart framework and design

kwikstage scaffold

Modular framework designs like Kwikstage scaffolding have been popular for quite a while now. These systems take on the design principles of modular frameworks and take them to the next level with easy and durable fastening mechanism and a solidly braced four-way configuration that basically involved bracing with a wedge stop. They provide a very solid and reliable framework that employees and contractors can feel confident working on. In addition, they offer a great level of flexibility thanks to their modular design. There are many different components available which make it easy to set up equipment for almost every job. Companies can purchase a variety of proprietary equipment include special fixings, handrails, brackets, ladders, safety nets, toe stope and more. They use a kit like design to allow for versatility which is perfect if you require equipment for a variety of applications.

They are easy to set up and configure for almost any circumstances and can be customised to suit your needs. The Kwikstage scaffolding range is renowned for it’s features and huge range of components and is very popular due to it’s customisable nature. It’s a favourite of many different kind of planners and project managers including architects and interior designers who all benefit from the easy assembly of this equipment. The best thing about it is that it can be safely used with little training and can be made to fit almost any project with the right components and a little experimentation. If you have a project coming up then it’s well worth it to consider this equipment.

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