Tips for success in small business

Everyone wants to succeed in business but the challenging part is taking that want, pursuing it and succeeding in it. Here are 8 tips to help your small business succeed.

  1. Know where your customers are on social media
    As a business, you don’t have to be active across every single social media channel and spend thousands of marketing dollars everywhere to reach your audience. It is about identifying where the majority of your audience is and engaging with them through that specific online channel.
  2. Network, network, network
    Networking is extremely powerful but it is about talking to the right people. Many will tell yout hat it is time to give up and that you can’t do it. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in your goal and keep pushing.
  3. Mindset and positive thinking
    This flows on beautifully from the above. Having a positive mind set and knowing exactly what you are striving for will keep you focused on that goal and forever passionate about it. It is about dealing with the pressures not necessarily knowing what to do.
  4. Wearable fitness technology
    Being able to wear your fitness technology is keeping people in the game. It helps everyone to reach their fitness goals and keep their mind the job. This is critical for business performance as it provides both an out and contributes positively to your office output.
  5. Thank customers
    A simple hand written note that thanks customers for purchasing from your business will go a long way and is super effective in pleasing them beyond the product. This is a service element that can make a big difference.
  6. Share information that is good for the consumer
    Social media means that we are able to constantly share information. However, many businesses make the mistake of sharing information that only relates to their business or industry. Share information that is going to be beneficial for all consumers so that they become engaged.
  7. Business systems should lead to referrals
    Putting in place business systems that encourage referrals is a great way to build business. Simple offers and rewards for those who refer the business to other people can go a long way to building a strong customer base and further engages those who are already consuming.
  8. Seek out mentors
    Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey so it is important to seek out mentors and friends to bounce ideas off and help you along the journey – even if it’s only a bit part role.
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