The Importance Of HR Departments Today

Human resources is the department within an organisation that is concentrated on recruiting, managing and directing people who work within it. They deal with the nitty gritty, behind the scene functioning, that makes the processes flow and tick. Because of this, the HR department affects all aspects of the business, especially in supporting employees – who are the most crucial resource and asset to a business in succeeding. As you can see, a career in this area requires someone who is both empathetic and detail oriented, and it is recommended that those who are interested start off by finding HR internships to ensure they are suited to the job.

This triggers a memory of a client who frowned and spoke poorly of HR without truly appreciating the work, efforts and contributions that such a department adds to the success of a business. Only when this individual had to come in direct contact with the department did he truly understand the extent of the work, and how much the individuals that make the business run really added to its function.

This department oversaw finding new personal assistants, training them and organising the paperwork rather than the client having to do all the behind the scene tasks – as the saying goes, there is no “I” in Team. A few weeks later his personal assistant came across some deep personal issues that resulted in their immediate resignation.

Initially the client was furious about the situation and began to belittle the assistant, and once again the HR department had to intervene, explaining the situation and rights that the assistant had. The client was shocked of the legality that surrounded the issue, and didn’t realise the extent of their errors.

Once upon a time, HR was the ‘fire and hire” aspect of a business, however it has over time diversified and moved into a modern image and perspective that requires a range of skills – adaptiveness, resilience, fast paced change and customer centred mentality. This change has further solidified the crucialness of the HR department.

So what has it become?
Some important aspects that HR is now responsible for can be categorised into 3 main areas.

  1. Personnel
    • Recruitment
    • Placement
    • Onboarding
    • Training and development
    • Incentive and remuneration
  2. Welfare
    • Working environment
    • Health and safety
    • Facilities
  3. Industrial
    • Union management
    • Disciplinary processes
    • Dispute settlement
    • Consultation

The list never ends in terms of the responsibility of the HR department, each task as important as any other. Studies have shown that for the health of a business and sustainable growth are dependent on HR to be able to behind the scenes tying up loose ends and making sure compliance and processes move forward smoothly. In doing so, businesses are able to move forward, progressively and together – employee to employee as a competitive force within the industry they operate in.

All in all, HR contributes so much to the functioning of a workplace and business, and is greatly underappreciated – even though many times it is the heart and soul of an organisation and as such, should not be looked over. There is so much taboo and risk in today’s society, and so many way to breach a individuals feelings, sense of comfort, intertwined with the sensitivity of legality, its requires the expertise of individuals in HR to decipher and lead the way. HR Departments are crucial in today’s age.

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