The Future of Rubbish Removal in Sydney

As the population grows in Australia, dealing with our cities waste is an increasingly difficult task. Waste is a an economic and environmental problems and places a heavy burden on our society.

Waste management facilities and companies involved with rubbish removal in Sydney are already achieving impressive diversion rates in Sydney and managing to improve efficiencies in waste disposal by reducing how much we really throw away, but facing this challenge in the future is going to require some creative solutions.

Read on below if you’d like to know what the future of waste management might entail.


No more landfill

Most Australian homes currently send more than one tonne of waste to landfill every year – it’s about 4 cubic yards of landfill space for every tonne of waste. A lot of this waste is easily recyclable materials as well, like plastic bottles.

To compare, Swedish residents only send about 3 kilo’s of waste to landfill each year. They now recycle and reuse the majority of their waste. The remainder is sent to incinerators and use to power homes. They even imported waste to help fuel their incinerators.

With a power source like the incinerators in place, waste may actually become a valuable import in the future.

If Australia were to use this method of waste management and rubbish removal in Sydney and other big cities it is quite conceivable that we would no longer need to send anything to landfill. After a time, we may even begin to mine old landfill for fuel.



Currently rubbish removal in Sydney usually involves sending your junk to a large processing facility. If you throw it away using you curb-side bins, you probably never see these facilities. In the future, this could change.

The technology for mini processing facilities that will recycle your raw materials on the spot are being developed. Currently plastics and electronic waste can be melted down to provide 3D printer stock.

Whilst the technology is still being developed, in the future it might be very simple to independently create your own household items and re-use the materials needed to create them.


Extracting oil from plastics

Every year just under 5 percent of our global oil consumption is attributed to production of plastics. Researchers are looking into developing methods to extract oil from plastic by breaking it down to it’s original chemical compounds.

As we are not far off reaching peak production, before the global decline begins, this method may be extremely important for future needs. This would certainly be a sustainable method of rubbish removal in Sydney.


Everything is reused assorted plastic bottles

A large proportion of the rubbish removal in Sydney is construction and demolition waste. Some cities are reducing this by introducing strict laws around how much waste can be sent to  landfill. This puts the financial onus on industry leaders to coe up with solutions for avoiding landfill, this had led to innovations and development of reusable materials. Similar trends are being followed for things like drinking bottles or carry bags.

Single use and disposable is no longer desirable as it becomes too costly with the fines involved.

If Australian cities were to follow suit it would greatly reduce the waste and rubbish removal needs of Sydney and other regions.



Waste and rubbish removal in Sydney may look very different in the future. If state of the art technology is introduced the amount of waste produced each year might be greatly reduced and help to provide the raw materials or energy to fuel our cities. In the meantime, if you need to get rid of old junk, consider hiring a responsible rubbish removalist in Sydney whom take a sustainable approach to reusing, recycling and donating your items.


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