The benefits of solar power

Have you ever thought of installing residential solar power panels in your house? Maybe you have considered it but when you saw the price of installation, you took a step back thinking that it was too big of an expense or not worth the time spent on upkeep of the technology. However, residential solar power installation is becoming more and more common and as the technology improves, the effectiveness from using residential solar power is growing. What are the advantages you can get from have solar panels installed in your house?


The environment is a huge talking point in the media today. Most tv shows or news bulletins will have a small section on the environment and how we can help preserve it. Wouldn’t you like to do your bit too? Installing residential solar power panels in your house is one way to do this. Solar energy is a renewable source and will not run out, no matter how much you use it. By installing panels on your roof, you will be doing your bit for the environment and getting an effective energy source that can power your house for years.

Maintenance costs

There are no moving parts to produce solar energy, so maintenance is generally quite low. The only thing you may need to worry about is keeping the panels clean so that they work efficiently while after around 10 years the inverter, which converts the light into usable energy, and the cables may need to be replaced. You will put a lot of money into installation for residential solar power panels but after that investment will be quite low.

Reduces Bills

Installing residential solar power panels will reduce your electricity bill in the long run. Some of your electricity and heating needs will be met by what you are producing. In the summer, this should increase even further. Many homes that have panels are also connected to the electricity grid so if they don’t need some electricity they can export it back to the national grid. Any excess electricity can also be sold at higher rates during the day to increase savings.

Many governments offer tax breaks to those using renewable energy for their home. Coupled with lower electricity and heating bills could see you making a very healthy saving and a quick return on the initial investment.

Having said all that there are some disadvantages from installing residential solar power panels. Initial installation is still expensive, wiring, batteries and panels all take time to install and once done you will be looking at a hefty bill. While you will be helping the environment when your panels are installed, and everything is working correctly, pollution has been linked to the transport of the materials needed to install everything.

Many feel that installing panels on the roof of a house can bring down the aesthetic value. However, technology has developed so much in the past few years, that transparent energy windows now exist.

When it comes to actually using the energy produced by residential solar power panels, things can get a little complicated too. The energy is weather dependant so while it can still be produced on a dreary winters day, it will be a lot less than you need. Energy collected on a sunny day can be stored in batteries however this can be expensive and possibly more stress than it is worth when it comes to your energy needs.

Residential solar power is definitely something that can help the environment but make sure you do a thorough cost analysis before decided that they are right energy source for you.

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