Quick and Easy Ideas to Enhance the Kids’ Room

A child’s bedroom is not just where they sleep; it’s a huge part of their feeling of individuality and comfort. Every parent wants their child’s bedroom to be an inspiring and playful environment that nurtures their development.

When coming up with ideas for decorating a kid’s bedroom, their individual likes and interests should be taken into consideration. It’s a great idea to take parts of their personality and reflect it in the design. Also, picking a general theme that informs the colour palette is useful in keeping everything uniform.

Children age fast and are at a risk of getting bored of or growing out of a particular interest. Therefore to save time and money its best to go for something that reflects their personality but isn’t too specific so that they can grow up with it.

Many of the ideas are DIY appropriate, but if a parent lacks the time or tools, hiring handyman services is always a clever idea.

Paint Makes All the Difference

A huge part of the rooms’ design is the colour of paint that is used. Whether it’s a boy or a girl will generally inform the overall palette but not always.

Dark colours on the ceiling should be avoided as they will make the room feel smaller. A pastel colour is great for the ceiling and doesn’t restrict the paint that can be used for the walls. Anything that’s bright and blends well with the ceiling will look great and make the room feel larger.

Use the Ceiling

It’s not just important to paint the ceiling a bright and spacious colour, but to use it as the centrepiece for the rooms’ design.  As the first and last thing a child will see during the typical day, the ceiling is a perfect place to be creative.

If a shade of blue was used for the ceiling, then there is a plethora of great ways to use this in creating a fun design. A blue background is perfect for hanging stars to simulate space, sea creatures to represent the ocean or even just a sky full of clouds.

Colours like pink and purple can be used a backdrop for a fantasy setting. Shades of green are perfect for an animal themed design.

Light fixtures are another great way to add a wow factor to the ceiling. Custom built lighting can incorporate fun shapes and characters. Old toys can be repurposed to look like they are holding or emitting the light. There’s really no limit to the creativity that can be had here.

Use the Floor

Children are going to spend a lot of time playing on the floor of their rooms and making sure it’s both safe and spacious is a priority. A rug is a great place to get creative and add something fun and soft for the child to roll around on.

There are many children’s rugs that have flat cityscapes or fantasy lands perfect for using their toys on. They’re also easier to clean than a carpet or hardwood floor and can be swapped out when they begin to age.

Fun in Function

It doesn’t matter how great a room looks, a bunch of stuff lying around the floor will take away from all the hard work. A kid’s room will often get messy, but there are plenty of ways to make keeping tidy easy and in a way that adds to the rooms’ appeal.

Storage is an important part of this. Hanging up pegs for jackets and bags is a great way to save space on the floor. If the walls aren’t appropriate for pegs or hangers there are plenty of options that fit over the back of a door.

A toy chest is another great storage addition that anyone can get creative with. Make sure it’s appropriate to the child’s size so they can reach in safely and easily put their things away.

Discarded hat boxes are a cute round storage solution that can be affixed to a wall. Old pallets can also be repurposed into shoe racks or book shelves. Tree branches can be painted and used as extra hanging space or even for curtains.

There’s no end to the way old items can be refurbished for a unique looking fixture. This saves money on storage furniture and will give children more incentive to use them to tidy up. It’s also harder for kids to damage rustic and wooden items when they inevitably cause an accident.

If you need some experienced help with putting these items together, handyman services are available to carry out the tougher jobs.

Final Thoughts

The kids’ bedroom can be one of the most creative areas of interior design. Even very simple, yet personalised touches will make a big difference for the child’s appreciation of the room.

It’s a perfect opportunity to involve children in the decision making process and teach them some basic skills with arts and crafts. Not only will it give them a chance to learn, but a chance for parents to understand them and their personalities better.

Handyman services in are a great place to go to for anyone who needs some extra help in putting together elaborate interior decorations for their child’s room.

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