How To Prepare For a Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride

Signing up for a Grand Canyon helicopter ride will be an experience that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Standing proudly as one of the seven wonders of the world with a history amassing approximately 70 million years, this natural landscape is a stunning portrait of the American wilderness.

If you happen to be one of those individuals who has registered with a provider with family members, friends or a spouse, then it is worthwhile undertaking some preparation.

Rather than being fastidious about the adventure, it will help to eliminate some of those unwanted surprises and mistakes that some travelers experience on the journey.


Be Punctual With Departure Time

A Grand Canyon helicopter ride will not be able to wait far beyond the check off point for departure. This is not your personal private jet or chauffeur who is operating for your own discretion, they are professional pilots who are running on a schedule. Be punctual with the departure time, whether your location is based in Arizona, Nevada or Colorado state. Members of the group will not think too kindly if you delay departure for any length of time.


Gear Up For The Chopper Ride


Whilst you will have a seat belt to strap you in, a Grand Canyon helicopter ride is unlike any other transport experience you will find. This is not the same as flying economy, using the train, bus or a vehicle. The noise can be significant under the propellers and this is where a set of headphones can alleviate this issue, allowing for communication between the participants. The sensation of rising in the chopper can be a shock to the system as well, being described by some as a similar feeling to an elevator shifting up and down. Think about any motion sickness or sensitivity to noise before traveling.


Be Conscious of Weather Conditions

Needless to say that travelers who embark upon a Grand Canyon helicopter ride during January will have a very different experience to those who are signing up for June. Around summer time the heat will reach an average temperature of 38-40 degrees Celsius where December and January can drop to below zero where frost and snow is present. Take anything from a wide brimmed hat and sunscreen to a windbreaker, sunglasses and jacket depending on the conditions.


Be Flexible With Activities

You and your fellow companions might have a preconception about what the Grand Canyon helicopter ride will consist of, essentially be a large scale sightseeing tour, but there is so much else that can be enjoyed in this region of Arizona. This is where the flexible adventurer is always the smart adventurer, freeing up some time and money to take advantage of this splendid and unique natural landscape. From the West Rim Trail and South Rim tours, there is plenty to soak in.


Get The Phone Camera Ready

From Instagram and Facebook posts to family portraits and digital wallpapers, there are few more magnificent photogenic opportunities that are presented than a Grand Canyon helicopter ride. In 2019 there will hardly be any travelers who are not equipped with an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry or other device on their person, but the chance to obtain some images that will last a lifetime come few and far between for most individuals. People who sign up are advised to take advantage of the panorama option to incorporate as much of the landscape as physically possible. Digital photographers use these snaps to sell onto other clients such is their value in the open market, but they are cherished assets for families for generations to come.



Being prepared for a Grand Canyon helicopter ride is all about applying common sense. Think ahead of time about what you want out of the experience and what the tour operators require from you as the client. To maximise this opportunity, engage with the outlet and speak with them about any burning questions you may have and tick them off the list. That peace of mind will allow you to sit back and soak in the sights.


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