How to Maximise Space in an Apartment

In every apartment, clutter and rubbish accumulates quickly; shoes suddenly multiply, newspapers and magazines subscriptions pile up and rubbish fills the room. A large home can easily store these away without too much notice, but in an apartment, they can quickly fill up the already small storage space.

So how do you maximise your space in the apartment effectively and avoid the hundreds of small items filling the room and closets. Hiring a handyman can help maximise the space in your apartment and ensure your guests aren’t tripping over those useless old magazines. Let’s take a look at some of the tips to maximise the space in your apartment.

  1. Create hidden storage

A good technique to maximise the space effectively is to create spaces where items can fit where the naked eye can’t see. For example under the bed provides the perfect location to store your small and not as used items such as the vacuum. Extending the legs higher on the bed can facilitate the extra room. Also if your cabinets in the kitchen don’t extend all the way to the ceiling, there is valuable real-estate not being effectively utilised. Therefore hiring a handyman can build more storage to fit the oversized platters and cake stands in the cabinets.

  1. Kitchen cupboards

Organising racks for kitchen supplies and ingredients will save you a lot of space and give your kitchen that aesthetically pleasing feel about it. Keeping the little free bench room you have allows for family and friends to feel a bit more comfortable and relaxed whilst over for dinner and drinks. You can put things like recycling bags and or even the small annoying kitchen appliances that are always tucked away in the back usually behind the toasters chopping boards.

  1. Bed headboard

Once the space under the bed is filling up with the dozens of purchased shoes and small gift items, a bed headboard will give you that extra area for all the books, trinkets and filing. The flexibility and the ability to customise your own storage spaces according to your personal requirements is a massive drawing card for a bed headboard. If you share a space with your spouse, you can easily design the draws to tailor both sets of needs when it comes to storing.

It also replaces the bed side tables you have wasting all that precious space in your bedroom. Plus it makes the room look even bigger with all the books, photos and filing you have stored behind the bed.


  1. Stay organised

Organisation is your best friend when it comes to maximising space in the apartment. Staying on top of cleaning, washing and overall tidiness will save a lot of headaches and stress when coming home from a long day at work. Once you make it a habit you will reap the rewards with a more spacious and clean living space. Another tip in terms of organisation is making sure you’re aware of the potential space available when you keep things clean and tidy. You can get creative in terms of employing exotic shelves and mirrors, organisation will only allow for you to do this.

  1. Get creative

Not everyone has the creative capabilities and skills that some make it look easy, you don’t have to be an interior design guru to make your space look funky and arty. It comes down to how you want to make your living space to look and to personalise it as much as possible. Adding artwork and mirrors for example can make a huge difference in adding a personality to the room. There are infinite storage options and spaces available that you can take advantage of, especially if you’re willing to think outside the box and go the extra mile in bringing your ideas to life, you will be surprised with how much space opens up when you think creatively such as a fold up study table and including mirrors so that the area looks bigger.

  1. Open closets

One of the common struggles when nesting your studio is the lack of closet space. Especially for the people who enjoy a fashion centric lifestyle with the latest shoes and jackets. Closets take up a great deal of space in your room that may be unnecessary if you’re not utilising it properly. There are many options available on the market that are fortunately budget friendly, but may require some intricate assembly problems. Rather look for ways to hide your clothes, create an open and a more functional closet that complements your fashion lifestyle. Be sure to hang things up properly so it doesn’t look too chaotic, especially when you have guests frequently visiting.

There are many tips in maximising the already little space you have in the apartment. It comes down to how you want to personalise your individual needs, and how creative you want to get. Hiring a handyman will ensure your ideas and designs come to life with the ability to execute the assembly of those intricate draws, cupboards and bathroom upgrades, saving you hours of time reading instructions.

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