How to Make The Lounge Room Look Bigger and Better

The lounge room is the primary living space in most people’s homes. It contains the TV and entertainment systems. It’s often a place where people eat and socialise. That’s why the interior design of this space is important as it’s the main part of the house that multiple people use at the same time.

This level of foot traffic means that the living room is both cluttered with items people use and at the same time is lacking in space for those people to use them. This leads to a dilemma with interior design.

Not every lounge room will be the same size and not everyone will have the expertise to make the changes they want. Luckily handyman services are able to provide someone who specialises in assisting this type of work.

Consider the Layout

Sometimes a lounge room can be improved tenfold by simply moving some things around. While the best way to avoid issues with the layout is to plan it before buying furniture, not everyone has that luxury.

If the lounge room is of a reasonably large size then it can be divided into two or more areas. These areas can be anchored around a rug or carpet in the rooms centre. It’s also important to make sure the furniture is far enough apart from each other so that there is a corridor for people to move through.

It should be noted that when creating separate seating areas, that they are not so far apart that people cannot converse. Make sure any seating that can be faced opposite each other is done so. If the lounge room is going to be a place of lively conversation, make sure that the room is designed to facilitate it.

Create a Focal Point

In the days when most people used fireplaces, they were a natural focal point for the lounge room. Nowadays it’s usually the TV, but it doesn’t need to be. A large piece of art or even a mirror can serve just as well.

Whatever is chosen, the flow of the room should be expanding out from the focal point. Placing a plant or bowl of fruit is a perfect addition to compliment the central focus of the room.

Flexible Furniture

Just because the room is small, there isn’t less that can be done with it. It all depends on understanding the restrictions of certain types of furniture and what compromises need to be made. The most important part is to maximise floor space and maintain a welcoming atmosphere.

Furniture that is made of a lightweight material keeps the room from feeling congested and having raised legs gives a bigger sense of spaciousness.

Be smart with storage elements as well. Plenty of sofas and coffee tables can include added storage capacity. These multifunctional units save space on using cabinets and side tables as well as keeping spaces clear of the items that are commonly used.

Don’t just go for seating size alone. Planning furniture decisions around infrequent social gathering means most days they’ll just be an empty seat taking up space. It’s a living room after all, so make it as easy to live in as possible.

Use Colour to Expand from Top to Bottom

It’s hard to physically expand the size of the room once it’s been constructed, but there are some clever ways to make it look more spacious.

Bright colours on the ceiling and on the floor help to make the room feel larger. Other optical illusions like vertically striped wallpaper and taller lamps all work to build the room upwards. On the contrary, horizontal stripes will make the room feel wider.

The use of colour also applies to furniture items as well. Having furniture in white, cream, or beige will help to expand the perceived size of the room. People having trouble can always use handyman services  to help move, build or repair their lounge room furniture.

The colour choices should be as uniform as possible. Although it’s possible to play with different shades of the same general palette, too much mix matching will make the room look tacky.

Widening Windows

If the lounge room has large windows, use them to help widen and illuminate the space. Natural light and fresh air always help to make any room feel more spacious and inviting.

Like wallpaper, window curtains and drapes can be used to expand the room by using striped patterns. Make sure that the colour of them matches the walls so that the effects merge into one another.

Mirror Magic

Mirrors and other reflective services are an incredible way to add space to the room. This goes for glass tables and countertops as well. They work to reflect light by intensifying and emitting it around the room. This makes the space brighter and in doing so makes it feel larger.

Final Thoughts

Expanding and improving the living room space is not always easy and it really depends on the resources available. There are plenty of neat tricks to widen a small room and add vibrancy to a large one.

No matter what kind of space someone has, the tips and tricks here are based on easy to understand design philosophies than can help them get the most out of their lounge rooms.

For anyone needing assistance in converting parts of their home, hiring handyman services is a great way to get some added expertise to make sure the job is done right.

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