Everything You Should Know About Ziptrak Blinds

Ziptrak Blinds are one of the latest and most innovative products in outdoor blind technology. If you enjoy entertaining company outdoors, these outdoor coverings are a great option as they allow you to turn your out door area into a year round, all weather entertaining area.

Features and benefits:

Fully customisable
Ziptrak blinds are the sleek modern option for your home. The huge range of customisation options on offer means that they can be customised to meet any individual need and made to match the existing outdoor entertaining area and home décor. It is possible to customise the colour choices, fabric options, add motorisation, add accessories like pelmets, locks and pull releases – just to name a few! The comprehensive cut and installation process offered with genuine Ziptrak blinds also guarantee’s the best fit for your space.

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No cords, zippers or buckles

Ziptrak blinds are the neat and tidy option, as well as safe, as there are no cords, zippers or buckles to worry about. Rather than using complicated pulley systems or relying on easily broken hardware, they have a fully enclosed headbox which looks attractive in your outdoor space.


Easy to operate

The coverings can be opened and closed in seconds, they simply pull down and clip in place to completely seal off the outdoor space. As they are designed as panels they are almost an airtight seal and give perfect protection from the wind and rain, and insulation from the heat or cold. When pulled down they do a great job at keeping your space clean. When you want to lift them up and out of the way just release the centre lock and lift them up. They can also be set to a variety of positions to allow for full control over the elements. Motorisations options can make this even easier.


Options when purchasing:

Sunscreen mesh vs PVC

Ziptrak blinds can accommodate a variety of  fabric options. Sunscreen mesh and PVC are both great options with slightly different features and benefits.

Sunscreen mesh are a woven mesh fabric that can provide a high level of sun wind and UV protection (up to 99% protection depending on your choice of fabric density). The mesh can reduce heat transmission and could potentially reduce your cooling costs. The fabric maintains the view but offers privacy to your outdoor space. The fabric is easy to clean and maintain and comes in many different colour choices to best suit your space.

PVC is stylish and popular option. They can be completely clear or tinted and look great in any outdoor space. PVC is completely rain and wind proof and when purchased at a high quality they can be extremely durable. PVC is a great option for cold environments as they can maintain warmth within. High quality PVC won’t discolour and will last a long time.

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Pelmets vs Cast Brackets

Pelmets surround and close off coverings on all sides when rolled up, providing protection from the weather and sun. Pelmets can prolong the life of your blinds and ensure that the operate perfectly for years to come. Pelmets make a great addition to your purchase and their discreet design provides a sleek appearance that integrates perfectly with your space when blinds are rolled up. They are aluminium and therefore provided protection from rust and weather damage, easy to install and a great choice for coastal weather conditions.

Cast brackets and cast brackets with back flashing can also be used when installing. These are a cost effective option but provide less protection as coverings are exposed.


Centre lock release

This patented system is intuitive and allows for the blinds to be held in place and released within seconds. The locks are discreet and durable, meaning minimal replacement and years of wear with no issues.


Customisable size

Ziptrak blinds can be customised to cover even the largest spaces. The systems’ ability to cover wide spaces without the need for multiple vertical support additions means that your view will remain uninterrupted and will appear seamless.



Skirting adds another layer of protection and can help to increase the weather protection of your coverings. The addition of skirting can help in completely sealing off a space and increases your spaces defences against dust, dirt or insects from entering your outdoor entertaining space.



Motorisation is a great option for blind in difficult to reach positions or that cover large spaces. The motor is concealed inside the pelmet so they do not look bulky or unattractive. Motorised blinds can be stopped at any point, so you maintain full control over the positioning.

If you are considering purchasing new coverings for your outdoor area, Ziptrak blinds are a fantastic investment and will last for years as they are the best quality choice on the market.


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