Essential Shopper Tips For Buying Bongs Online

Buying bongs online requires a degree of common sense from smokers who want to be able to get bang for their buck.

These are items that can be used daily and given that volume of tobacco that is consumed, the standing of the equipment will determine the enjoyment and safety levels respectively.

Here we will offer a series of essential shopper tips when scanning the market for buying bongs online, giving customers a chance to follow core protocols no matter which website they are using.


Run a Background On The Brand

Tobacco smokers are often confined to certain types of behaviours, but consumers in this industry are just like any other when it comes to buying bongs online. There will be a need to check how they are rated by the community online, what the feedback is like, how far and wide they cater to, where there have been problems in the past and what innovations have taken place. Their history and previous track record will be published for all to see and a quality gauge for smokers who want to know who they are buying from and if they can match their marketing rhetoric with reality.


Ease To Clean Paramount

There are a handful of key categories when it comes to buying bongs online with glass being the most popular. Outside of the aesthetically pleasing designs, the ease of the clean becomes paramount. Glass stands tall as a leading contender for brands as the residue and staining can be easily viewed and a quick wipe down will restore the quality of the item. It is advised to steer clear of woods, plastics and metals on this front given their intricate cleaning processes and lack of durability.


Thick Bongs Are Great Bongs

On the subject of durability and having an item that won’t buckle, crack or brake under pressure when buying bongs online, then make the thickness of the cylinder the priority. An average run of the mill casing will stand at approximately 4-5mm with the cheaper models even being designed at a 2mm thickness level. Should roommates, colleagues or family members be clumsy or there are impediments and clutter around the environment, these products can smash into a million pieces. Any brand that is beyond 5mm in thickness is ideal to withstand some contact and last the distance.


Additional Extras To Enhance Smoking Experience

Shoppers who are hitting the marketing when buying bongs online are obviously after that core product that will deliver what they need for their daily or weekly tobacco hit. However, it always improves the standing of a brand to offer the customer some enticing extras to boost the package and provide genuine value for money. This can be seen with the inclusion of a percolator to cool down the smoke to a splashguard that filters out dirt or an ice catcher for a superior filtration process. It will illustrate to the consumer base that this is an organisation who have the interest of the customer at their core.


Check Return Policy and Warranty Inclusion

We have outlined how key the thickness of the material is for the sake of the durability, but buying bongs online should not prevent the customer from obtaining a warranty and a clear return policy should something go array. Breaks and cracks are unfortunately part and parcel of purchasing a glass item that will be handled and come into contact with people through continued use. The business in question should be able to offer their constituents an opportunity for a refund if there is damage in transit and protection if it is sourced within a 12-24 month timeframe. Seek that policy out to avoid paying full price for any early damage.



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