A quick SEO audit can be very beneficial

Google regularly updates its search engine algorithm and the updates can have an impact on your websites ranking. This means that it is important to constantly be checking the key indicators to identify any areas that may be affected so that you can maintain strong SEO performance.

Brand rank

Put simply, you should be ranking number 1 for your brand. Google recognition has been designed so that when people search for your business or brand your website ranks at number one in the results page.

If you are not ranking number one for your brand then it is likely that your site has some major quality issues meaning that Google is unable to properly index the site. To check this, simply search for your brand or business in the Google search engine.

Site Speed

The load speed of your page is important in converting customers and your performance in the search engine results pages. Google will punish sites that do not load fast enough and customers will simply go somewhere else with a faster load speed.

The speed with which your page loads can be checked using the Google PageSpeed Insights tool.

Google Search Console

Google’s Search Console received a major update at the start of 2018 and the new tools available and user experience is dramatically improved. There are a range of different statistics that can be found through the tool that identify areas of poor health and specific issues that need to be fixed.

Mobile performance

Mobile use is on the rise and people are now using mobiles for internet searches more and more regularly. As a result, your website needs to be mobile friendly. Google has introduced a feature in its algorithm that identifies if websites have a mobile version and those that don’t suffer in the rankings.

Desktop sites take longer to load and are harder to use when on a mobile also contributing to a decline in conversions and likely increasing the websites bounce rate.


A website that can be easily crawled by Google is going to be a website that ranks better than one that doesn’t. The crawlability of the website enables Google to identify all of its elements and the relevant information to ensure that it ranks for the desired keywords.

If Google is unable to crawl through your whole site due to it being too bulky or having an inefficient platform could mean that relevant content is never seen by Google and hence it ranks poorly.

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