5 ways to build customer loyalty

Continually striving to build your customer base can be tempting but it is important not to forget about your existing customers. Repeat business is where a lot of your revenue is going to come from and building a strong and loyal customer base is eventually going to flow into new customers through word of mouth.

The first stage of gaining customer loyalty is the follow up saying thank you for purchasing from us and to ask them if they enjoyed your product or service and if it reached their expectations. Beyond that, there are a few different ways that customer loyalty can be solidified.

  1. Let customers know what you are doing
    Highlighting everything that you have done for your customers isn’t bragging it is affirmation. If you do not tell your customers what you are doing for them then they may not ever know. Keep them updated with a newsletter and inform them of every step that you are taking in order to meet their requests. This ensures that they feel valued and know you care.

  2. Write to loyal customers
    Loyal customers are the core of your business as they are the ones who promote your through word of mouth – free marketing. Constant communication between you and your loyal customers ensures that your business stays in their mind.

  3. Make it personal
    Email is a great way to regularly communicate with customers but it certainly isn’t very personal. Take the time to speak with them on the phone every now and then as a sign that you are thinking about them and are interested in how they are going. This will make sure that they value you over all the other email-dominated businesses.

  4. Remember special occasions
    For businesses with regular customer interaction sending cards for birthdays, anniversaries and holiday periods is a great form of marketing. It doesn’t feel like marketing for the customer but it reminds them that you are still working and are there if they need anything.

  5. Inform the customer
    Any new developments within the industry or your business should be communicated to customers. They want to know what is going on in their relevant world and information regarding your business and the industry keeps them informed. It also creates a sense of care within the customer for your business as they now feel more connected to its operations – regardless of there being any truth in that.
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