3 Best Books for Real Estate Newbies

Are you a complete newbie looking to invest in Wagga real estate? Or do you have basic knowledge, and you are just looking to add to that? This list of books is just the right thing for you. No matter your level of experience in the Wagga real estate market, these books would be beneficial to you. All three books have high ratings and excellent reviews that have helped other investors.

We can assure you that reading any of these books will give you proper property investment guidelines. Here is the list of books. Without further Ado, let’s dive in.

  1. The Book on Flipping Houses by J. Scott

For those who do not know, flipping is a strategy of investing in real estate in which the investor acquires property to sell and make a profit rather than live in it. The writer puts everything you need to know to successfully flip a house in one handbook. The summary is to find a good investment, learn how to fix it up, and walk away with a profit.

This book is perfect for newbies and seasoned professionals. 

  1. The ABCs of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy

If you are interested in buying properties as investments, this book is excellent, especially if you have no experience and are unsure where to begin. This book is also perfect for people who want education on the actual value of their property and the managing process. The writer places heavy emphasis on property management.

The ABCs of real estate Investing are straightforward to understand. It teaches how to do your property management which is great for a newbie like yourself. This book is a great introductory material to start your property investment journey. It simplifies real estate investing for the average person. 

  1. Crushing It in Apartments and Commercial Real Estate by Brian Murray
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This book is very uplifting for newbies. Murray highlights his journey from complete newbie to professional in this book. Readers get to experience his journey as they go through the book. When Murray bought his first commercial property, he was just a teacher looking for extra income. Now, he owns a multi-million dollar real estate company. 

Murray’s book is refreshing because his business started as a one-man show. Unlike some others that already had a team of attorneys and contractors prior to investing in property.

Over time Murray came up with easy uncomplicated ways to invest in property. And he gives that knowledge to you in this book.

Murray teaches you how to finance and grow your portfolio without debt. He also teaches to find non-monetary uses for property to increase its value. This book is very beginner-friendly and highly recommended.

All these books are beginner-friendly and easy to understand. The authors simplify property investment to the point where it is not scary for the average man. After reading these books, we hope you will gain the confidence to dip your toes in the real estate waters. Good luck to you.

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