11 Theme Ideas for Your Wedding Invitations

It can help with continuity to have your ideal wedding invitations match the aesthetics of your marriage ceremony.  If you haven’t chosen a theme yet, read on for some ideas.



This is a classy, timeless theme reminiscent of the Great Gatsby-era. If you’re into vintage glitz and glam, this might just be perfect for you. This style suits black and gold colours, art-deco embellishments and patterns, glitter, and geometric shapes and lines.



If you and/or your partner are musicians (or is just passionate about music), then a musical theme could work wonders for your marriage ceremony. Use motifs such as instruments and musical notation, and darker colours like brown and black.



This is perfect for any travel lovers. A wedding invitation in the shape of a plane ticket or luggage tag is a super cute idea. You can also use travel-related images such as globes, jets, luggage and famous sites to get the message across. Colours like blue, white and red suit the theme too.



The name says it all. Flowers, flowers and more flowers are your friend here! You can feature your favourite flowers, or perhaps go for a native Australian feel – banksia, wattle, bottlebrush, waxflower and waratah are all stunning options. There are a range of floral wedding invitations available, though watercolour is a unique option to consider.


floral wedding cards



For modern wedding invitations, consider using a blend of minimalism – think block and metallic colours like black, white, silver and gold – and geometric shapes; sharp lines and triangles work well. Let your imagination run wild! Modern marriage ceremonies are trendy and sleek.


wedding cards



If you’re within reach of a beach, a tropical theme is a wonderful option to consider. While you can customise a beach marriage ceremony and have it be rustic or modern, you may also want to make it strictly tropical themed. Embrace imagery including pink flamingos, pineapples, and plants such as palms and ferns, as well as shades like blues and whites.



Whether you’re Indian or simply love their culture, Indian-inspired wedding invitations will look gorgeous. Colourful, jewel-like colours such as purple, green, red and gold suit this theme well. Indian themed patterns, embellishments and designs also look lovely.



There are so many options for those who want to embrace the fairy-tale theme! Rustic works well with this; wooden backgrounds, fairy lights, greenery and florals will all look great on your wedding invitations. This theme is quite romantic, so soft colours like pinks and light golds suit it well. Consider also using calligraphy on your cards.



The design of traditional or formal wedding invitations is generally simple, and uses a blend of whites, golds and blacks. Have you and your partner’s names handwritten onto the card for extra effect.



If you value sustainability and protecting the planet, an eco-friendly themed marriage ceremony could be one to consider. Your cards may use recycled paper or cardboard, natural dyes or inks, and feature natural imagery such as vines, plants, animals or flowers.



If you’re planning on having your marriage ceremony in the holiday period, you might want to think about making it Christmas themed! Colours that suit this style include red, green, gold and brown. Use Christmas themed motifs and imagery such as baubles, tinsel, holly, reindeer, stars and candles. This theme also comes with the benefit of being romantic and heart-warming.



There are so many possible themes for you to choose from for your wedding invitations. Consider your options, follow your gut instinct and you’re sure to find the perfect style for you.

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