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Taylor Swift has millions of fans around the world, but she also continues to draw unwanted attention, authorities say.
A manhunt was underway early Saturday for a murder defendant who fled an Atlanta courthouse Friday before a guilty verdict was announced at his trial, authorities said.
A suspect described as a local vagrant was facing murder charges in Ventura, Calif., on Friday after he allegedly stabbed a 35-year-old father who was at a restaurant with his family, authorities said.
U.S. actress Natalie Portman, this year\'s recipient of a prize dubbed the \"Jewish Nobel,\" has pulled out of the June awards ceremony in Israel because of extreme distress over recent events in the country, the Genesis Prize Foundation said.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer\'s faith gave him the courage to stand against the greatest evil of the 20th century.
In his meeting earlier this month with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, CIA Director Mike Pompeo was assured that a planned summit between Kim and President Trump could be joined with the release of three detained U.S. citizens, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday night.
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s surprise announcement that his nation will suspend tests of nuclear weapons and missiles and close its nuclear testing site sounds like a momentous victory for the U.S. It’s not – at least, not yet.
A suspect was in custody following a shooting at a Florida high school Friday that injured one student, police said.
Hillary Clinton lamented that \"they were never going to let me be president\" on election night in 2016, a new book detailing her White House bids claims.
Calls for Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens to resign continue to grow after prosecutors announced a new charge accusing the Republican leader of using a charity donor list for his 2016 political campaign.

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