5 Things a Chiropractor in Castle Hill Can Help With



A good chiropractor in Castle Hill is a postgraduate-trained and industry certified health professional that can treat a range of musculoskeletal and nervous system issues. They typically work with the spine to make adjustments and corrections in order to alleviate symptoms. They are also often trained in paediatrics, physical rehabilitation and clinical nutrition, making them a worthwhile addition to your health and wellness team.

While they can’t treat infections or broken bones, there is a lot they can do. Here are 5 scientifically-backed things that a chiropractor in Castle Hill can assist with.


Neck pain

Appropriate manipulation of the spine has been shown to reduce neck pain better than medication. A professional can also perform an assessment to determine the root cause of the neck pain – it may be coming from the shoulders, for instance. This can help ensure that the symptom is treated properly and further improve range of motion.

It is worth noting that there may be a risk of stroke in older adults when performing neck manipulations, so tell your provider if you have any stroke risk factors before going through with treatment.


Blood pressure

A chiropractor in Castle Hill may also be able to help treat high blood pressure. A study found that after a single spinal manipulation session, people with high blood pressure and misaligned neck vertebra had their blood pressure drop greatly – the effects equivalent to taking two blood pressure pills at the same time. While this doesn’t mean you should stop taking your medication, it’s worthwhile having a discussion with your doctor to determine whether or not you should give spinal manipulation a go.


Lower back pain

back massage

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints that a chiropractor in Castle Hill will treat on a daily basis. Poor posture, overuse and injury are common causes of lower back pain. Thankfully, this is something that can typically be easily treated in therapy. Typically, the sacroiliac joint will be manipulated in order to relieve the pain and relax the surrounding muscles.


Digestive issues

It might seem odd, but spinal manipulation can also assist with digestive issues! This is because digestion is linked to the nerves in a certain region of the spine. Studies have found that thoracic disc herniation is linked to chronic abdominal pain and IBS. By realigning the vertebrae, the nerves will stop being affected and can return to proper functioning. This can help reduce the likelihood of experiencing digestive issues like heartburn and bloating.


Pregnancy pain

Poor pelvic alignment is a common cause of sciatica and lower back pain – the main reasons why pregnant women seek treatment from a chiropractor in Castle Hill. Because many treatments are not available during pregnancy (such as medication and surgery) as they may negatively impact the foetus, spinal readjustment is seen as a safer alternative means of dealing with the pain. This will generally involve working with the sacrum and sacroiliac joint in order to readjust the pelvis. One study found that spinal readjustment reduced pregnancy-related pains in 75% of patients!



head massage

If your headaches are being caused by neck or back pain, a chiropractor in Castle Hill may be able to help alleviate your symptoms. They can do this by combining spinal manipulation with a massage in order to ease muscle tension and relieve the headache. This treatment may also be of use to those who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines.



Whether you’re suffering from lower back pain or sciatica, there’s no need to prolong the pain. Consider visiting a chiropractor in Castle Hill in order to relieve your symptoms.

Positives and Negatives of Buying a Laser Cutting Machine

laser cutting machine

The modern laser cutting machine is a brilliantly designed piece of technology that allows operators to manufacture all manner of intricate and high quality designs.

Utilized across a variety of industries, this high powered beam can fashion all types of shapes and patterns that suit the user.

Yet there are some minor drawbacks to this investment that have to be outlined.

Here we will weigh up the positives and negatives of this machine.

Positive: Excellent Cutting Accuracy

Given that the modern laser cutting machine is computer numerical controlled (CNC), there is no need to consider human error as it is applied to a product. This gives a consistency and accuracy where even the most minuscule and intricate of designs are handled with the utmost care. Where other items need to see a comprehensive finishing process to treat and clean the surface, this offers a high-quality cut where the edges and crafted the way they were originally intended. The human hand cannot offer this degree of precision and that is one of the most reliable and attractive features of the brand.

Negative: Not Applicable To All Materials

The laser cutting machine is brilliant when it comes to its versatility for the application. From ring markings to production line markings, copper cutting, crafting circles in steel, deep relief engraving, square tube cutting and more – there are all manner of industries that utilise this technology for their own needs within specific niches of the marketplace.

However, it is must be outlined that this is a product that is not exactly suited to all types of materials and this can place some restrictions on its use. For metals and non-metals like wood, plastic, paper and gemstone there will be operators who have to adjust its thickness and customise the depth and cut speed depending on what is being created. Before proceeding with a transaction it is vital that any owner understands what it can be applied to and what it cannot because there will be limitations.

Positive: Great Safety Features

The mechanical components that are integrated into a laser cutting machine ensure that safety measures are front and center of the design. So often these models within industrial environments place the worker at risk of injury where one slip or moment of oversight can be disastrous. The enclosure element prevents hands and fingers from slipping into an unwanted zone where the laser can interfere with any outside presence. Occupational health and safety is a domain that carries a moral imperative to look after the worker, but there are also costs that are associated with individuals who are incapacitated as projects are stalled and slowed down. There is no need to have those concerns with this type of investment.

Negative: High Energy Consumption

Whilst the modern laser cutting machine works discretely where there is little noise emitted from the process, the energy consumption does accumulate. There is a great deal of energy necessary to maneuver through the metal, wood, plastic or steel as the shaving and trimming requires the item to be functioning at maximum capacity. For sole tradesmen or businesses that need to carefully monitor their energy output, there could have to be additional consideration about the type of brand that is purchased to lower the energy footprint.

Positive: Minimal Repair and Conditioning

If you can overlook some of the shortcoming with the laser cutting machine, it does prove to be an excellent investment. In large part this can be attributed to the minimal repair and conditioning necessary to keep the item running. Outside of the initial installation, there is minimal human interference required and as a result, it does not falter under the weight of intensive contact. This makes for a durable product that goes the distance.

Essential Shopper Tips For Buying Bongs Online


Buying bongs online requires a degree of common sense from smokers who want to be able to get bang for their buck.

These are items that can be used daily and given that volume of tobacco that is consumed, the standing of the equipment will determine the enjoyment and safety levels respectively.

Here we will offer a series of essential shopper tips when scanning the market for buying bongs online, giving customers a chance to follow core protocols no matter which website they are using.


Run a Background On The Brand

Tobacco smokers are often confined to certain types of behaviours, but consumers in this industry are just like any other when it comes to buying bongs online. There will be a need to check how they are rated by the community online, what the feedback is like, how far and wide they cater to, where there have been problems in the past and what innovations have taken place. Their history and previous track record will be published for all to see and a quality gauge for smokers who want to know who they are buying from and if they can match their marketing rhetoric with reality.


Ease To Clean Paramount

There are a handful of key categories when it comes to buying bongs online with glass being the most popular. Outside of the aesthetically pleasing designs, the ease of the clean becomes paramount. Glass stands tall as a leading contender for brands as the residue and staining can be easily viewed and a quick wipe down will restore the quality of the item. It is advised to steer clear of woods, plastics and metals on this front given their intricate cleaning processes and lack of durability.


Thick Bongs Are Great Bongs

On the subject of durability and having an item that won’t buckle, crack or brake under pressure when buying bongs online, then make the thickness of the cylinder the priority. An average run of the mill casing will stand at approximately 4-5mm with the cheaper models even being designed at a 2mm thickness level. Should roommates, colleagues or family members be clumsy or there are impediments and clutter around the environment, these products can smash into a million pieces. Any brand that is beyond 5mm in thickness is ideal to withstand some contact and last the distance.


Additional Extras To Enhance Smoking Experience

Shoppers who are hitting the marketing when buying bongs online are obviously after that core product that will deliver what they need for their daily or weekly tobacco hit. However, it always improves the standing of a brand to offer the customer some enticing extras to boost the package and provide genuine value for money. This can be seen with the inclusion of a percolator to cool down the smoke to a splashguard that filters out dirt or an ice catcher for a superior filtration process. It will illustrate to the consumer base that this is an organisation who have the interest of the customer at their core.


Check Return Policy and Warranty Inclusion

We have outlined how key the thickness of the material is for the sake of the durability, but buying bongs online should not prevent the customer from obtaining a warranty and a clear return policy should something go array. Breaks and cracks are unfortunately part and parcel of purchasing a glass item that will be handled and come into contact with people through continued use. The business in question should be able to offer their constituents an opportunity for a refund if there is damage in transit and protection if it is sourced within a 12-24 month timeframe. Seek that policy out to avoid paying full price for any early damage.



Outcomes of Using a Quality Dust Extractor and Concrete Floor Grinder


Purchasing a quality dust extractor or concrete floor grinder will prove to be an advantageous investment for tradesmen, business managers and homeowners who desire a reliably polished surface for their premises.

These individuals might have their own motivations and requirements depending on the nature of their space and budget to allocate to the product, but the end results speak for themselves.

Here we will outline why these products continue to fly off the shelves and what benefits can be sourced by using them in a residential or commercial space.


Versatile Application

The great news about a world-class dust extractor or concrete floor grinder is that it is far from a one-size-fits-all product. From malls and retail outlets to hospital floors, household tiles, office building floors, manufacturing warehouses, showrooms, classrooms, sports arenas, laboratories and more – this is truly a versatile design where the grinding and polishing is universally applied irrespective of the space in question. Very few hardwired items in this industry are capable of being utilized across the spectrum inside various buildings, offices, centres and homes but this asset fits that description.


Great Aesthetic Presentation

The bright and clean shine that emanates from the aftermath of a dust extractor or concrete floor grinder has to be seen to be truly appreciated. Yet it is clear to see from pictures and videos that demonstrate the effectiveness of the grinder that the aesthetic presentation is one of the real selling points that brands will leverage to consumers. The high gloss that can be seen as granite and marble surfaces glisten to look stylish makes for a genuinely enticing prospect, offering commercial operations and homeowners a chance to impress their guests and add value to their property.


Minimal Maintenance in the Aftermath

The durability that is delivered when using a quality dust extractor or concrete floor grinder is there for all to see. Even in areas where there is high foot traffic or light vehicles using the surface for their own use, there won’t be any discolouration, fading, stains or cracks that emerge when the grinder is applied correctly. Outside of an extra surface run either once or twice a decade, this presentation will not be compromised and maintain its condition for a prolonged period of time.


Costs Are Minimal

Consumers can invest thousands of dollars seeking a marble or granite surface that gives them that right pattern to mix in with the décor. What they often overlook is the need to access a product like a quality dust extractor or concrete floor grinder to bring out the natural qualities of the item. When it is used correctly, it mitigates against conditioning and potential replacements. That is money saving at the very high end to leverage the original floor design.


Environmental Protection

The final outcome that can be achieved with the use of a quality dust extractor or concrete floor grinder is that the solution is environmentally friendly. These outlets offer a sustainable solution by ensuring that the air quality is conditioned appropriately, seeing mold, dust and other debris particles eliminated from the area. The machine happens to be efficient enough where waste is not produced when being run over the surface, a feature that has been improved over time thanks to innovations in the product models.



There will be varieties that are on sale for a quality dust extractor or concrete floor grinder and much of the selection criteria should revolve around the reputation and track record of the brand. If it is a proven quantity where shoppers have been pleased with the application and ease of use, then that should be an indication that it will be a sound investment for either public or private use.


Is Custom Made Furniture Really Worth the Costly Investment?


In this day and age, it is important to be careful when it comes to certain trends. There are all sorts of popular things out there that are just a marketing plough and any people get sucked right in. This can leave them not only in the same place as before but now with an empty wallet.

As this can be the case, it is important that people perform thorough research before they make a purchase so they can ensure that they are spending their money on something worthwhile. This information can usually be found by searching online or by chatting with family members and friends. This is usually a good idea when people are looking to find items for the home as there are just so many different options out there.

For instance, there are many who will only put items in their home that are custom made but many will wonder if this is really something that is necessary. As filling a home with items can be a costly task, this article will explore custom made furniture and if it is really worth the investment.


Custom made furniture can be well worth the investment as it is likely to withstand the test of time

In this day and age, it is all too common to see stores such as Kmart and Ikea who are selling household items for dirt cheap. The only problem is that people will end up spending their money twofold because they simply won’t last. Furthermore, people will have to waste their time going back to stores again and again to replace or return the items that have become broken or damaged.

Because of this, some people like to spend big in the beginning so that they are able to save themselves big in the long run. They can also save themselves from the stress of noticing that their purchase isn’t up to scratch and can completely bypass the returns process which can sometimes be complicated. As it can be seen, there are many reasons why someone would want to invest in custom made furniture and that is because they are usually created with care and with good quality materials.


Custom made furniture can be well worth the investment when people are shopping for clients who want unique and personal pieces


There are plenty of interior designers out there who are in a position where they are wanting to do everything they can to impress their clients. This means that they will have to find the perfect pieces for them that are not only functional but that also match their personality and style. Furthermore, everything that is chosen will have the match the items that are in the rest of the house.

As this can often be the case, designers will have to think a little outside of the box as pieces that are found at generic stores aren’t likely to cut it with their opulent clients. The good news is that they are able to find options that are completely personal and unique when they invest in custom made furniture. On top of all of this, these kinds of options will likely come with a story as the creator may have sourced the materials themselves.

In conclusion, it is really up to the person at hand if they want to invest in custom furniture pieces or not. There are many positive benefits that can be experienced, however, some people are more than happy to choose more generic options. It all really comes down to personal preference.


Understanding Nursing Home Costs In Australia

While we may not want to think about it, nursing home costs are something that need to be looked at some point in everyone’s life. It gets to a point where some people simply can’t live at their home anymore due to them requiring additional services to help them survive. There is nothing to be ashamed of regarding these facilities as they have grown to such a point where you would hardly even realise that you’re not at your own house.

The amount you end up paying for aged care is dependent upon a number of things. There are even several different levels of care, facilities and even methods in which you pay. To break down the entire process we have developed a short guide to help you understand everything you need to know about nursing home costs.


Daily fee

All individuals who live in an aged care facility are required to pay a basic daily fee. The fee essentially is designed to pay for the daily living expenses of the individual. Below are the following factors that are generally covered.

  • 3 meals a day
  • Cleaning of the facility and your room
  • The cleaning, drying and folding of your washing and it being delivered back to your room
  • Cooling and heating facilities
  • Personal care services
  • Daily living assistance (for those that require it)
  • Some pharmaceutical and medical care services

The Australian government sets the maximum daily fee that can be charged and renews this figure twice every year. As of the 20th of September 2018, the max daily fee that someone can be charged is $50.66. This figure is estimated to be reviewed once again on March 20th of this year.


Payment options

How much you pay for your accommodation depends upon your income and assets that you have. If the combined amount is equal to or less than $48,500 you won’t have to pay anything. If however you have over that amount you will then be required to pay a fee from the a few options. While the price varies from each facility, it ultimately depends upon what services and facilities you require. You can change what method of payment you would like to go with however after the first 28 days you will be locked into that particular method.


Refundable accommodation payment

The first method is via a RAD. This nursing home cost is a single  payment that is similar to a loan that is interest free. You will get most of this deposit back once you leave the facility. It can either be refunded to your estate or to yourself if you either pass away during your time there or decide to move out. The services and facilities that you used during your stay at the facility will be deducted from this amount.


Daily accommodation payment

DAP is another nursing home cost method in which you pay for each day that you stay at the facility. This amount is calculated on a daily rate that is normally charged each month. These payments are non-refundable even when you decide to leave the facility.


A combination of the two methods above

You can also decide to pay your nursing home costs via a combination of the above methods. People generally go with this method when their personal circumstances call for it. You can even start off with this method and see how you can during the initial month. You just have to remember that if you wish to change your mind with the method in which you pay your nursing home costs, you have to do it within the first 28 days.


Considerations When Constructing Homes In Western Australia


Have you been saving up the money to try and buy a house in one of the largest cities in Australia? Have you been to show house after show house and auction after auction privately knowing that the amount you have saved up isn’t going to be enough? Then maybe, as Michael Jackson said, it’s time to make a change. Do you really want to put down a huge amount of money on a house and pay out a mortgage for the next 20 or 30 years? If the answer is no, then don’t become new home builders in WA. Pack up your belongings and move to the west coast where everything is further away but most importantly cheaper. It’s the change your life needs.

It must be remembered that new home builders in WA have many things to think about when building that dream house on the west coast. It is not a decision that will be rushed into, there are several variables that need to be considered so that the perfect solution can be reached.




Money is always the most important thing. At first, some people will tell you there is no limit to what they are going to spend. You can push them and push them, but they won’t let up. They like the thought that money is no obstacle and that budgets are for the lower class. However, once the money starts being spent, then a figure is hastily introduced to the conversation and every purchase is monitored.

Budget can affect new home builders in WA in a couple of ways depending on how restrictive it is. The homeowners may have to choose between different styles or not having something at all. An example being when designing a bathroom, everybody would like a bath, even just for show. When budget comes into the equation there are 3 options of the new home builders in WA, no bath, a small bath or a big bath. The cost is considered, and a decision will be made based on that costing.



Location is another thing new home builders in WA must consider when deciding where to build their luxury house from scratch. They may want it in the city, in the suburbs, in the outer suburbs or in the sticks, out among the livestock and vegetables. For some, city life is the only life they will happily live. They enjoy seeing people, shopping whenever they want and the general busyness that comes with city life. Others prefer a quite farm life, one with little disturbances and distractions, where it’s rare to hear the sound of a car and one where you can see the starts in the sky at night. Most others prefer a mix of the 2 and live in the suburbs of the city, a halfway house if you will, where they can commute to the bright lights during the day but still have some peace and quiet at the weekend. New home builders in WA know that the location they choose will have a significant bearing on the price of the land they wish to build their house on.


Materials and labour

New home builders in WA must also consider the price of materials, something that will add up very quickly to make the project an expensive one. Dealing with, not only the upfront costs, but also new costs brought about by the inevitable delays that come with construction projects may end up making this a very costly venture.

New home builders in WA have a lot to consider when they start a new project but when it is finished they will be happy to have gone through it, as the end product is worth it.


How To Ensure That You Are Protected By Implementing The Services Of Professional Lawyers In Campbelltown

gavel and a law book

What many people out there may not realize is that most things don’t happen the way that they do in the movies. When people find themselves facing some kind of legal battle, it is important that they find out the reality of the situation and that they figure out how they are able to protect themselves. A great way for people to do this is by implementing the services of professional lawyers in Campbelltown.

When people implement the services of professional lawyers in Campbelltown, they are able to find out what their rights are and they are also able to make a plan on how they are best able to move forward. They can work together to ensure that all of their bases are covered and that they are feeling supported throughout the whole proceedings. This will not only make the ordeal feel like less of a blow but it will also increase the chances that people will be able to achieve their ideal outcome.


People are able to ensure that everything is kept as a hard copy when working with professional lawyers in Campbelltown

When a person finds themselves in the middle of some kind of legal proceeding, one of the most important things that they can do is collect hard evidence. This means things such as paperwork, bank statements, written agreements, signed contracts, or anything else along these lines. When people have these things, they are much more likely to have a leg to stand on.

When people work with professional lawyers in Campbelltown, they are able to figure out the different types of evidence that they need to be collecting. For instance, someone who is wanting to get a divorce will need to ensure that they have evidence they have been separated for at least twelve-months. They may need to prove that they have been living under a separate roof or that they have at least been living in different bedrooms.

Even little things that don’t seem important to one person can actually be very important to a case and so people should always work with their professional lawyers in Campbelltown to make sure that they aren’t throwing anything important away. Once again this will help ensure that people are not only achieving their ideal outcome but that they are achieving this in the smallest amount of time as possible.


People are able to ensure that they can legally move forward with their lives when implementing the services of professional lawyers in Campbelltown

It can be extremely frustrating when people are ready to move on with their lives but there is something that is holding them back. In other circumstances, someone may have just gone ahead and done the thing that they wanted to do and will end up experiencing some kind of legal ramification afterwards. For instance, a parent isn’t able to just pick up and move their kids without consulting the other party first.

As this is the case, it is always best that people check with professional lawyers in Campbelltown first so that they are legally covered. This can also be a good idea as it might be necessary to provide written notice in some circumstance e.g. when someone leaves a house or when they are wanting to leave a job. Whatever the case may be, people need to work with professional lawyers in Campbelltown to ensure that they are doing the right thing so that they are reducing the chances of any unwanted ramifications down the track.


Why You Should Look Into Professional Brochure Printing Rather Than Doing It At Home


For those who are in the beginning stages of their business, they will likely be completing most of the tasks themselves. This means that they will be taking care of the admin duties, the marketing, the ordering, the stocking, the cleaning, the taxes, the invoices, as well as anything else that may be required. This is often necessary in the early stages until people are able to afford to outsource certain tasks and may even be able to hire some people to freelance with them.

While it is a good idea to do this, there are some tasks that people should probably outsource right away. For instance, it is important that people have good quality marketing material that they are able to hand out to potential client’s other businesses. This will allow them to build a positive brand awareness and will help build trust with those who haven’t come across this company before.

As this can be the case, people should look into professional brochure printing rather than doing it at home. It is true that there are some great home options out there nowadays but they will never be as good as the services that are offered by a professional business. This article will explore the topic a little further.


A company that offers professional brochure printing will have top notch equipment


When people work with a company that offers professional brochure printing, they will have access to top notch equipment that they may not otherwise have access to. Everyday people are not able to purchase these pieces of equipment off the shelf as they are usually specially made to order. These pieces of equipment will be the best of the best and will ensure that all marketing material is looking fantastic.

While what people create at home may not necessarily look bad, it simply won’t look as good as when it is left in the hands of the experts. The best ink will be used as well as the best paper which is usually also eco-friendly. On top of all of this, the experts are more likely to complete the task accurately as well as quickly.

This means that people are not only able to have their orders fulfilled efficiently but are also able to have peace of mind knowing that they are handing out marketing material that is of the best quality. This may even increase their chances of obtaining new clients.


A company that offers professional brochure printing will be liable if they make a mistake

One of the many reasons why people should outsource certain tasks is because if they make a costly mistake, the company will have to take care of it. When someone makes a mistake at home, they will have to simply eat the costs. When people pay for a service, however, the company at hand will be liable for the task and will do everything they can to ensure that their client is happy with the work.

This also allows small businesses to spend time in other areas that may require their attention such as running their social media accounts, attending networking events, taking care of shipments, as well as much more. When people have more spare time they are also likely to feel less stressed which will allow them to enjoy the process of running their own small business. For all of these reasons as well as many more, people should work with a company that offers professional brochure printing rather than doing it at home.


Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Hair Straightening


Japanese hair straightening (also known as thermal reconditioning) is a popular method of permanently flattening one’s tresses. Invented in 1996 by Yuko Yamashita, the treatment aims to make life easier for those who want to ditch their curls.

Here’s what you need to know about the process:


How it works

The stylist begins by applying a chemical solution to the locks; this breaks down the bond that gives the curls their shape. The solution is then rinsed off and the tresses are dried using a blowdryer. A flat iron is then used to flatten the locks in small sections. Once this is done, a neutraliser will be applied in order to maintain the style.

The whole process of Japanese hair straightening is quite time-consuming; you could be in the salon for up to 8 hours depending on how thick and long your tresses are. Once it’s complete, however, the style should last for around 6 months, or until it grows out.

After treatment, it’s important not to wash it or wear it up for at least three days in order to allow the style to set.


How much it costs

The price of Japanese hair straightening depends on your location and salon of choice. In a competitive city or a lower quality salon you may only pay $120, while other places may charge upwards of $400. The cost of the procedure may be a good indication of how skilled the salon is.


The benefits

The (obvious) main benefit of getting a Japanese hair straightening treatment is that it gives people who are frustrated with their curly or wavy locks the opportunity to have flat, easy-to-manage tresses on a daily basis. For people who are tired of spending an hour every morning using their flat-iron, this method can make life much easier and save them a lot of time.

There are other benefits, too:

  • Unlike the Brazilian method, Japanese hair straightening doesn’t use the carcinogenic compound formaldehyde. This may make it less damaging to your locks, skin and body.
  • It lasts twice as long as the Brazilian method (6 months instead of 3 months)
  • Having easy-to-manage, cooperative tresses that look great can boost your confidence on dates, at work and in front of the camera
  • The procedure can help you save money; you no longer have to buy as many products (like sprays, smoothing serums, clips etc.) or spend money on new flat-irons
  • You can go out in the rain without worrying about your locks going frizzy. Humid days are no longer an issue!

straight hair

The drawbacks

  • The process is time-consuming and can be painful
  • The procedure weakens your locks and can damage them to the point where they are (and look) dried out and unhealthy – make sure you go to a reputable, high-quality salon to minimise this.
  • Once you’ve had the treatment, you won’t be able to use any more chemicals on your tresses until it has fully grown out. That means dying your mane or getting a perm isn’t an option (lest you completely damage your tresses beyond repair).
  • You may have to flat-iron your locks more often as it starts to grow out (or cut it shorter) – you don’t want half of your mane looking sleek and the other half curly!
  • Naturally curly or wavy locks look great, so why get rid of them?



In our fast-paced, quick fix society, Japanese hair straightening can seem to be a tempting solution to our frizziness woes. However, it’s worth weighing up the pros and cons in order to avoid potential damage to your locks.