4 reasons why novelty socks make great gifts for anyone

When we think of gifts, footwear doesn’t always spring to mind. However, you might be surprised by how well received a gift like novelty socks will be by just about anyone.

While you might be tempted to go with the safe options of giving cash or a bottle of alcohol, consider how much more memorable a handpicked gift from you could be.

There are several great reasons why novelty socks make a universally appropriate gift no matter what occasion it is or who you are giving them to. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1.     They’re a blank canvas to express just about anything

The great thing about novelty socks is that they give people a chance to subtly express their cheeky side without being obnoxious. The numbers of patterns and variations that can be printed onto a pair are only limited by your imagination.

Think about the interests of the person you a buying a gift for a see if there are any pairs that match up. For example, on a novelty socks website you can find pairs that display famous artworks like ‘The Scream’ or ‘The Harajuku Waves’.

There no limit to the amount of different patterns and designs you can find on a pair so you know that no matter who you are buying for, you’ll find something they’ll at least get a chuckle out of.

2.     People will actually use them

One of the hardest parts about gift buying is figuring out whether or not the person will actually benefit from what you are giving them. Sometimes big gifts we thought people would love end up stuck in a corner somewhere because they simply didn’t need it.

Novelty socks are great because everyone is perpetually running low on pairs and can always do with more. Think about it, everyone always complains about running out of pairs, so it never hurts to gift them another one, funky or not.

Another reason people will actually use novelty socks is because of how subtle they are. People can add a touch of flair to otherwise boring work outfits without drawing too much attention to themselves.

This is a great way for executives to make a power statement at their next meeting that tells everyone they don’t take themselves too seriously while also not looking the same as everyone else.

3.     They’re cheap and effective

Another great benefit of buying novelty socks as a gift is the fact they they’re an inexpensive way to give a personalised gift. Most pairs of novelty socks that you can buy online are less than $15 each and usually come with bundles that save you money when you order multiple at a time.

This is a great way to show someone that you really pay attention to their personality and interests without going overboard on spending.

4.     They’ll last a long time

While people’s fashion sense and wardrobe will change every couple of years, you can rest assured that any pair of novelty socks you buy them will stay with them for decades to come. This is because the size of people’s feet are unlikely to change so much that the pair no longer fits them and footwear is always necessary in people’s wardrobes.

Novelty socks are simply a no-brainer when it comes to giving a quirky gift that doesn’t break the bank. There are plenty of webstores on the internet where you can find high quality novelty socks to purchase and, as mentioned earlier, there are usually always great discounts on ordering them.

How to help out a loved one with professional rubbish removal

There are many different ways that we are able to help out our loved ones and let them know that we truly care about them. This could be by sending a thoughtful handwritten letter, by inviting them out for a cup of coffee, but comforting them when they are sad, or by purchasing them the perfect gift. While there are social protocols that allow us to know what to do in order to be a good friend or family members, there are some circumstances where people are unsure of how they are able to help. One example of this is when a loved one is experiencing a hoarding or excess junk issue. As this kind of issue is experienced by many and is only on the rise, there are many people out there who are wanting to help someone they know with their excess waste. One of the best things to do is to simply talk with the person. To see if they would like to make a change and if they have ever considered clearing out some of their excess items. While some people will explain that they have no interest in clearing up their clutter and they are happy with the way things are, more often than not, people will explain that they simply don’t have the time, physical strength, mental strength, money, or energy to tackle the task of removing their junk. This is where professional rubbish removal can help.

Professional rubbish removal can be given as a gift

For those who have loved ones who would like to clear up their clutter but have no idea where to start, they can be given professional rubbish removal as a gift. The company will simply send the experts to the property at the requested time and remove whatever is asked of them. The person doesn’t have to do any lifting themselves and can simply sit back and watch their junk get taken away. This can be extremely handy for those who have garages full of old bits of materials that they will never use again but simply didn’t have the strength or resources to get rid of it all. Similarly, people can help their loved ones by going through their possessions with them and creating a to-keep pile and a junk pile. The professional rubbish removal company can then come to the home and take the junk pile away.

Rubbish removal can bring people together

There are many relatives out there who find it therapeutic to go through their possessions together. They get to reminisce about old times and can lean on each other for support when it comes to getting rid of items that may have memories attached to them. Clearing out can be a great way to signify letting go of the past and making room for new good things to come. This is why it can be a great activity for loved ones to do together. Once people have decided on what they would like to get rid of, all they then have to do is call the professional rubbish removal company and they will come and take the items away. What also makes many people happy is the fact that companies will usually recycle things where possible and will use ethical measures when it comes to disposing of trash. This way people can still experience the benefits of clearing out their clutter but don’t have to negatively impact the environment by doing so. All in all, people can feel lighter, happier, and more joyous when they get rid of their excess stuff and so helping a loved one with this can be a really great thing.



Top Business Marketing Trends of 2018

The way in which businesses run and analyse their marketing efforts has drastically changed in the past decade.

No matter the discipline, operations that have to attract the eye are continuing to shift their efforts to digital means and this has seen a raft of trends emerge in the past few years.

Here we will examine some of the key business marketing trends that are occurring in 2018.

Not every strategy will necessarily suit your agenda, but they do signal a collective change to the overall approach of broadcasting a brand message out there to the people.


In an age of the shared economy, consumers trust fellow consumers more than they do businesses. Who could blame them? Examining how an enterprise is rated out of 5 stars or from a factor of 10 on Google, Facebook and niche-specific websites is a pathway to many positives. It provides a boost to the search engine ranking and offers a qualitative guide to external enquiries and online traffic.

In-House Media Properties

The penny dropped for tech companies and sporting bodies a long time ago: if you’re unhappy or unsatisfied with your treatment within the media, why not craft your own media? From in-house interviews to web videos, subscriber newsletters and much more, brands now realize that they cater their own unique message devoid of any external influence. A cynical ploy in some cases, yet it certainly guarantees results.

Engagement-Driven Advertisements

Advertisements on social media are becoming far more common place as platforms such as Facebook and Instagram attempt to diversify their business models. This has consequently boosted the need of organisations to utilise the same pay-per click (PPC) philosophy to social media whereby engagements with likes, shares impressions are beginning to be monetised. Companies now invest in visibility, a phenomenon that is a direct extension of the in-house media practice.


Smartphones have completed altered the marketing game. Never before has there been one outlet so prevalent whereby brands could broadcast to a community in such a direct nature, overtaking the likes of television, radio and newspapers as the media of choice.

With an estimated 20 million domestic mobile users in Australia by 2019, the most efficient and direct mode of communication to the marketplace is catering campaigns that suits the habits of this community. Studies have illustrated that mobile users are more active than their desktop counterparts and the need to have information on the go is vital to businesses who are able to take advantage of this societal change.

A quick SEO audit can be very beneficial

Google regularly updates its search engine algorithm and the updates can have an impact on your websites ranking. This means that it is important to constantly be checking the key indicators to identify any areas that may be affected so that you can maintain strong SEO performance.

Brand rank

Put simply, you should be ranking number 1 for your brand. Google recognition has been designed so that when people search for your business or brand your website ranks at number one in the results page.

If you are not ranking number one for your brand then it is likely that your site has some major quality issues meaning that Google is unable to properly index the site. To check this, simply search for your brand or business in the Google search engine.

Site Speed

The load speed of your page is important in converting customers and your performance in the search engine results pages. Google will punish sites that do not load fast enough and customers will simply go somewhere else with a faster load speed.

The speed with which your page loads can be checked using the Google PageSpeed Insights tool.

Google Search Console

Google’s Search Console received a major update at the start of 2018 and the new tools available and user experience is dramatically improved. There are a range of different statistics that can be found through the tool that identify areas of poor health and specific issues that need to be fixed.

Mobile performance

Mobile use is on the rise and people are now using mobiles for internet searches more and more regularly. As a result, your website needs to be mobile friendly. Google has introduced a feature in its algorithm that identifies if websites have a mobile version and those that don’t suffer in the rankings.

Desktop sites take longer to load and are harder to use when on a mobile also contributing to a decline in conversions and likely increasing the websites bounce rate.


A website that can be easily crawled by Google is going to be a website that ranks better than one that doesn’t. The crawlability of the website enables Google to identify all of its elements and the relevant information to ensure that it ranks for the desired keywords.

If Google is unable to crawl through your whole site due to it being too bulky or having an inefficient platform could mean that relevant content is never seen by Google and hence it ranks poorly.