When do you need an NDIS driving assessment?

When do you need an NDIS driving assessment?

Driving is an important part of many people’s lives. As our main mode of transport the thought of not being able to drive again can be a little daunting. NDIS driving assessments provide those people with a disability the opportunity to not only pass a test but also make the suitable modifications to their vehicle that enables them to drive safely.

With an NDIS driving assessment you will be marked on your ability, with special reference to a given disability, and the subsequent processes will be put in place to either allow you to drive immediately or to work towards getting on the road again in the near future.

Why an NDIS driving assessment?

The NDIS is a government program designed to aid those with a disability in accessing their funds and support. Participants in the scheme work with a provider to enhance their independence and achieve their desired goals. One of these goals may be getting behind the wheel of a car.

As stated above, the NDIS driving assessment is designed to help people with all kinds of physical and/or mental disabilities in achieving their goal of obtaining a driver’s licence. The NDIS driving assessment works with a qualified drive instructor and a qualified specialist to provide plans that assist in a return to getting behind the wheel of a car.

What is an NDIS driving assessment?

The NDIS driving assessment consists of 2 main parts followed by an evaluation. This includes both an on-road and an off-road element to gain an understanding of the client’s health and their ability to drive. The whole assessment will be conducted in the client’s local area to enhance their comfort levels and likely ability to pass the test.


The initial element of the test is the off-road part. This part is designed to identify and confirm the relevant disabilities or conditions that will impact on the person’s ability to drive safely. Family members are welcome to attend this stage of the test and it is often encouraged to further comfort the person with the disability and ensure that they remain confident throughout. A qualified specialist will conduct the analysis at the client’s home and should they pass this stage of the test they will then be permitted to progress to the next stage.


The on-road element is to be completed in the client’s local area, as mentioned above, so that they are confident with the roads. This stage of the NDIS driving assessment is conducted with both the qualified specialist and a drive instructor so that both elements of health and ability to drive can be tested simultaneously. The client will complete a drive around their local area in a dual-controlled car to ensure the safety of all those in the car as well as pedestrians and other drivers on the road.


This stage involves the outcome of the test and the next steps that can be taken by the client. The client and a family member, if present, will sit down with the qualified specialist and the driving instructor to determine the outcome of the assessment. The qualified specialist will discuss the outcome and provide the necessary means of action. Should the client be passed fit to drive then there is few steps to be taken. However, if they are not passed fit then they will be sent a report, provided with the relevant course of action and the report will also be sent to the RMS and treating doctor is applicable. This is designed to help the client to complete the necessary rehabilitation such that they will be able to complete the NDIS driving assessment in the future and pass therefore successfully obtaining a driver’s licence.

Why The Embrava Blynclight Is Popular For Commercial Spaces

Embrava Blynclight

The Embrava Blynclight has been identified as one of the leading telecommunication outlets for modern day businesses.


For a sales desk or a customer service department that needs to syncronise all processes and to have everyone working by the same guidelines, there must be an application that allows employees to work on the same level as one and other.


Fortunately this is a program that provides such an environment. Those operations who rely on standardised telecommunication tools from traditional telco’s around Australia are not only paying top dollar for an often outdated quality of product, but they can miss out on important business.


With interrupted calls and missed calls being fundamental to the drop in customer retention rates, it is paramount more than ever in 2018 to ensure that the phone desks are efficiently run and ready to jump at opportunities that present themselves.


This is where the Embrava Blynclight steps into the breach. Here we will discuss why this item is proving itself to be so popular in the commercial sector right now.

Flexibility of Use


The Embrava Blynclight can be accessed for those who are often on the go, for those that are not able to hear well or who struggle with their eyesight. Should a company have disabled employees or just an environment that is not conducive to hearing or seeing well with various impairments in the way of the desks, cubicles or workspaces, then this system is right for you.


Audio alerts can be implemented, just as visual alerts can as well. From status lights to headsets and more, from large spaces to tight ones, the flexibility of this program is one of the real tangible assets that makes it such an enticing brand to buy into.

Top Down Approach


The Embrava Blynclight can allow you to centralise all modes of communication through one centralised portal. This can allow a call service desk to divert consumers and clients off to various departments without having to select a number before pressing the ‘#’ key.


A status light will give a central to that authority as to who from the department is available and to divert when and where it is appropriate. That keeps the call centre in the loop as well as offering an open and transparent process for the end user who wants their enquiry dealt with as soon as humanly possible.

Personal Customisation


The Embrava Blynclight can produce a named signage to illustrate who you are and what your work status is. From a busy call to a pending call, an available tag to a do not disturb sign and more – this is customised to you and your workspace. The Embrava Flow application even goes a step further in this sense to modify the environment as the software understands your work patterns. That is the best of artificial intelligence at work.

Different Packages


As has been shown by the Flow outlet, the Embrava Blynclight can be bought from any number of angles. With the standard series to a nameplate, the Lumena series with stereo headset varieties and licenses that are applicable with different software providers, the choice is really up to your business and its needs.

Reliable Brand


The Embrava Blynclight does not need to have a series of testimonials from customers to showcases its reputation in the current commercial landscape, although it does lay that out through their marketing material. It is through their partnerships and compatibility with other software brands that illustrates just how well thought of this supplier happens to be.


From Skype to Lync, Counter Path, Windows, Mac, Ring Central, Zoom, GENESYS and Cisco Finesse, these are brands synonymous with providing the most cutting edge technology for telecommunications. The fact that the Embrava Blynclight works in line with all of these providers indicates that this is a brand that knows what its customers have in store and they are catering to that platform.



Take a further look at what the Embrava Blynclight has to offer. It won’t be the resolution to all of your telecommunication needs, but it will go a long way to syncronising your operation from top to bottom.

The different balloon bouquets available to suit your occasion

Balloon Bouquet

Finding the right balloon bouquet can be a bit of a challenge. Not all shops offer the same ones and some will have a broader selection than others but may be further away. There are so many variables to consider.

When choosing the balloon bouquet for the occasion there are a few things that should be considered to ensure that you make the perfect choice. Think about;

  • The person’s likes and dislikes
  • The time of year will influence the colours and style
  • Is it for a party and if so does the party have a theme?
  • If it’s a birthday party, how old is the person turning?
  • Where is the party being held, does it have lots of space or only a little?

Once you have considered all of these things you can begin your quest to find the perfect balloon bouquets for the special occasion. They can be a great accompaniment to a gift, especially if the gift is small. Additionally, they can be used as decorations for a party and are often great for getting photos in front of.

What is on offer?

There are so many different types of balloon bouquets available and searching all of the shops in your local area can be very time consuming. Below is a list of some of the more common types so that you can know what you are looking for when visiting or calling stores.

Cartoon characters

Cartoon characters are great for children who love their cartoons. Children are often obsessed over a given cartoon character whether it is Superman, Batman or The Simpson’s and there are plenty of balloon bouquets of this variety. This option can also be really great for themed parties to decorate with all of the favourite characters from a specific cartoon.


A bit of a classic but there is a reason that things are deemed classic and that is because they are always received well. Opting for letters to either spell out the person’s name or simple their initial is a nice way of showing that you care and are thinking about them. Once again, this could be a great way to decorate a venue for a birthday party with all of the letters or initials to spell out the birthday person’s name.


A cliché of celebration, champagne balloon bouquets indicate your willingness to celebrate an occasion with people you love. This choice is tailored more towards gifts rather than decorations but, of course, can still be used to decorate any venue.


The balloon bouquet with numbers is similar to the letters and works really well for birthdays. Get the numbers to make the age that the person is turning and it can be used as a gift or as decorations throughout a venue if they are having a party. Whilst all birthdays are worth celebrating, highlighting the age that someone is turning is more suited to the big birthdays of 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 and so on.


Opting for a traditional balloon bouquet can take the fuss out of your choice. As has been mentioned there are so many choices available and it can be hard to make a decision. For any party or function it may be worthwhile electing for the more traditional option of a variety of balloons with different colours and patterns.

The traditional balloon bouquets, whilst they are a good gift, are better suited to the decorative side of things. Because of all of the colours and patterns available with this simpler option, you can choose the option that fits the theme of the party or the season.

Frequently Asked Questions about NDIS Plans

What is the NDIS?
The National Disability Insurance Scheme is an Australian Government initiative designed to help people who are living with disability to get the support they need to live as normal a life as possible. It will make it easier for disabled people to access support and individual NDIS plans will encourage independence among participants.

What is an NDIS plan?
When a person first starts in the NDIS they will meet with a planner to work out what their needs and goals are, and how these can best be met. Once this is worked out any assistance and support required to meet these goals will be funded.

The plan will be developed through consultation with a planner, carers and the participant. Each individual plan will be designed to give people as much support as they need.

When does it start?
The scheme is being gradually rolled out across the country to make sure that people who need help in each area are properly looked after. Check https://www.ndis.gov.au/about-us/our-sites to see when your area will begin transitioning to the NDIS.

What does an NDIS plan cover?
The scheme provides support for services that disabled people require for living as normal a life as possible. This includes access to education, ways to increase independence, special transport needs and increased community engagement.

Costs that apply to everyday general living that are encountered by everyone are not covered. This means that groceries, rent and public transport (as well as anything else that is required by everyone) are not funded. Anyone who currently receives income support through Centrelink to help meet these costs will continue to do so, and anyone who needs income support will be able to apply for it.

Funding under an NDIS plan is based on what each individual needs – if their needs change or they meet their goals, a new plan will be developed.

How will funding be managed?
Participants will be able to choose how they want the funding for their supports to be managed when they meet their planner. After discussing which supports they need, they will also be able to choose who delivers those supports, as well as when and how they are delivered.

Participants will be able to choose to self-manage their budget if they wish to, managing and paying for the supports they need as they are needed. NDIS plans are meant to encourage as much independence as possible, so participants are given as much freedom in managing their funding as they wish.

Who is eligible?
Anyone who is an Australian citizen or resident, or holds a permanent visa, is eligible for NDIS support as long as they meet the criteria for disability or early intervention and are under the age of 65 at the time of their application, and will start once their NDIS plan is made.

Anyone who falls outside these eligibility guidelines who currently receives disability support will continue to receive it, and those over 65 will still be supported by the Commonwealth aged care system.

How are participants protected?
People receiving support under an NDIS plan will be protected to ensure privacy and safety. Support providers must prove that they have adequate systems and procedures in place to ensure quality and safe service.

Support providers are also subject to the same standards as any other business under Australian consumer law, meaning services must be provided with all necessary care and skill, and in a timely fashion.

All service providers must also screen anyone who is employed to work with an NDIS participant. This screening will include a criminal record and referee check. Any complaints about service providers or the NDIS generally can be made to the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) or your state Ombudsman.

Five benefits of using social media in your PR strategy

PR agency in Sydney

Social media has become one of the fastest growing facets of public relations when it comes to promotions and managing reputation. It is important that companies recognise the significance of these internet platforms and learn to incorporate it in their public relations strategy to maximise their visibility and reach.

With the fast-moving nature of technology and society today, it can be hard for companies to determine what the best way to progress is. Hiring a PR agency in Sydney can help your business build a solid public relations strategy without wasting your time and effort.

Social media has multiple merits for public relations, and employing a PR agency in Sydney can help your business fully realise the benefits. Read this article to find out five benefits these fast-growing platforms can bring your company!

Growing your audience

Getting a PR agency in Sydney to manage your social media can bring numerous benefits for your brand, such as growing your audience. Public relations firms have resources and skills at their disposal that can provide a lot of value for your business.

Through liaising with influencers to developing content for your company, hiring a PR agency in Sydney can expand your reach and visibility. It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to promoting your business online but public relations firms are well-versed in this!

Monitor brand reputation

Employing a PR agency in Sydney to manage your business’ online presence can help you to monitor brand reputation. Nowadays, more and more consumers are taking to social media to discuss product experiences and opinions.

By hiring a PR agency in Sydney to manage your internet presence and develop content for your audience, it will be easier for you to gauge reactions from customer base about certain aspects of your company.

Platform for announcements

Getting on social media will give you a great platform for announcements. The nature of these networking sites is that they are fast-paced and encourage sharing amongst users. It is therefore easy and fast to release announcements through these online sites.

By hiring a PR agency in Sydney to build your web presence, you can use these public pages to engage your audience with announcements of product launches, events, and promotions. This can help you to connect to your customer base and the wider audience, as you can easily share news and updates about your company.

Responding to negative feedback

Social media provides an avenue for you to not only gauge audience reactions, but respond to them. This is incredibly valuable as it gives your brand a voice in the discussion happening amongst your customers and the public.

Criticism and negative reactions can be much easier to manage when you understand where it is coming from and where to make changes in response.

Employing a PR agency in Sydney to manage your online pages can be invaluable in understanding and responding to criticism. These platforms allow further insight into customer response and provide a way to deescalate a situation before your reputation takes a huge plummet.

Engage your audience

By hiring a PR agency in Sydney to create and manage content on online sharing sites, you will gain a more engaged audience. Your company needs to put out content in order to remain in the minds of its clients, and outsourcing this function to a PR agency in Sydney will ensure this occurs.

Not only will this raise levels of awareness, it will help create a sense of connection and community around your brand and its audience. This is invaluable to building brand loyalty and a strong customer base.

Features of an Outstanding Dental Clinic Near Me

Features of an Outstanding Dental Clinic Near Me

The field of dentistry is incredibly competitive and evolving to the point where specialist practices are emerging more and more in the current marketplace. No matter where you are situated, from a dense inner city location in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, or out in a rural region that has less competition, thinking of the ideal features that constitutes an outstanding dental clinic near me is not the easiest task to undertake.


Fortunately there are some helpful tips and techniques that you can embrace to ensure that the service is delivering what they promise as well as operating in line with their peers. Like any business practice, there will be some services that decide to cut corners or place the profit motive above the quality of care, but as the patient and consumer you have every right to know what is value for money.


This can empower you to find the brand and practice that caters to your exact need and circumstances as you search for that ideal dental clinic near me.

Great Culture


What makes a great culture can be a real intangible element that is hard to put your finger on from the outside looking in. It can also be an incredibly subjective element at play that speaks to the chemistry and harmony between a collection of individuals. What you should be able to access when thinking about an outstanding dental clinic near me is a service that behaves in the right manner from the customer service desk to the patient’s waiting room and the practitioner’s office itself.


With great communication and professionals that treat you with respect, these are elements that help the process, no matter if you are booked in for a basic filling, a checkup or having root canal therapy.

Utilising Modern Technology


It might come at a slight premium for those who are thinking about a dental clinic near me that will offer the best service, but those that are tapped into and embrace the best in modern technology are ahead of the game. From laser dentistry to the VELscope, intraoral camera, nitrous oxide IV sedation, HealOzone, dental implants and digital x-rays, these facets all help to portray a modern and professional operation that places patient care as their top priority.

Consultation and Communication


We have mentioned the idea of communication when thinking about the ideal dental clinic near me, but that should come in accordance with clear and transparent consultation. Perhaps braces are on the table or the need to undertake fillings, but the dentist should make you aware of the implications, costs and process that will have to be undertaken. Consider this facet when thinking of an outstanding dental clinic near me.

Different Payment Options


No two patients are exactly the same when it comes to their profile or their working circumstances. When finding that ideal dental clinic near me, it is best advised to source a practice that allows a patient to be flexible with payment options. If there is significant surgery required or dental care that is overtly costly but necessary on health grounds, then giving that individual some further time with credit can be genuinely helpful. It will provide them with the care they need without bearing the burden of a major cost, even in the wake of a Medicare rebate and a share from their healthcare insurance provider.



Should you have incorporated these elements when thinking over the ideal dental clinic near me, then you should be satisfied over the results as you book your next appointment. These are standards that are not exactly universal and for you as the patient to receive the best possible care for a dental clinic near me, you need to do your due diligence and examine their qualities beforehand.

The benefits of occupational therapy for teenagers with autism

2. Youth Living Skills – disability support

OT or occupational therapy for teenagers with autism is a recommended method of helping curb the negative effects of the disorder. OT helps those with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) better cope with everyday tasks, social endeavours and tasks they perform at school or work.

Professional disability support service Youth Living Skills offers occupational therapy for teenagers and understands the importance of OT in improving the lives and independence of ASD sufferers. It is particularly important during the developmental stages that teens go through, which are hard enough without also being a victim of ASD.

The successful implementation of occupational therapy for teenagers can help those with ASD overcome challenges and improve their overall quality of life during these formative years. Let’s take a look at why occupational therapy for teenagers with autism is so useful.

The role of OT for ASD

OT covers the study of human development and growth over the years. These therapists are professionals in assessing the emotional, social and physiological ramifications of injury and illness in patients.

This knowledge backs up the skills they use for promoting the independent lifestyle of ASD sufferers. OT’s work in a team that involves parents, caretakers, teachers and other invested parties.

They are able to help ASD sufferers plan, work towards and accomplish specific short and long terms goals. These goals will normally have something to do with academic, work or social milestones the patient desires to achieve.

For example, occupational therapy for teenagers might involve becoming more independent so that they can catch public transport by themselves, get a drivers licence or do better in a school exam.

How do OT’s evaluate ASD?

The OT’s are able to observe ASD sufferers to evaluate if they can perform the tasks non-sufferers can accomplish at the same age. This can often be related to certain skills associated with interdependence, like getting dressed or preparing food.

It can sometimes be useful to take visual footage of the child to give the OT’s a detailed picture of what kind of treatment will be required. The OT’s will be able to, from the footage, make some determinations about the child including:

  • Their stamina and attention span
  • How they transition between activities
  • How they play or recreate
  • The importance they place on personal space
  • Their response to stimuli like touch
  • They ability to use fine motor skills, such as manipulating objects, posturing and balancing
  • Any levels of aggression and frustration
  • Their interactions with carers

How does OT assist children with ASD?

Once the OT’s have gathered the necessary information they will be able to develop a program. The earlier the care is planned, structured and executed the better the results of occupational therapy for teenagers will be.

Occupational therapy for teenagers with autism combines a range of different strategies. These tactics work to help the child have better responses to their environment, including:

  • Puzzles and other physical activities that help develop hand-eye coordination as well as body awareness
  • Recreation activities that develop interests, communication and interaction
  • Self-care activities like brushing teeth or combing hair
  • Coping with transitions and other adaptive tactics

What are the key benefits of occupational therapy for teenagers with autism?

The primary goal of OT is to assist the individual improve their overall quality of life in home, school and work environments. The OT’s are there to introduce, improve and maintain the necessary skills to cope with the challenges of life so that ASD sufferers can be as independent as possible.

Occupational therapy for teenagers with autism helps them to integrate themselves as functioning members of society as well as being able to take care of themselves. The outcomes of OT for those with ASD are significant and backed up by a wide range of study.

Divorce lawyers, are they are really needed when it comes time to part ways?

divorce lawyers in Sydney
Image: Pexels

For many couples out there, they find themselves wondering if the help of expert divorce lawyers in Sydney is really the best thing to implement when wanting to part ways. Some couples may be simply trialling a separation and don’t think that it is necessary to seek professional help. Furthermore, divorce lawyers can sometimes have a reputation that they are cutthroat, and many couples still have a mutual love and respect for one another. Because of this, they don’t want an aggressive attorney to attack their ex-partner in the courtroom or during a hearing and so will second guess themselves when it comes time to finding professional help. The truth is that divorce lawyers are able to help with so many different things and not all of them conduct themselves in an aggressive manner. There are certainly times where an attorney will need to have a commanding presence, but most of the time they will conduct themselves in a professional and considerate manner. The reason why divorce lawyers are so helpful to couples when they are parting ways is because most people don’t understand what the legal implications are when they are separating or getting a divorce. Because of this, it is vital that people seek out legal representation so that they fully understand what their rights are and make knowledgeable decisions moving forward.

Divorce lawyers can help with law abiding agreements

In most cases, it is actually better for couples who still have a friendship to seek out professional help. The reason for this is that they are able to work together with their separate attorneys to create law abiding agreements that they are both happy with. In the beginning of a relationship, this could be in the form of a prenuptial agreement. Once two people are married it could be in the form of a postnuptial agreement. When two parties are looking to part ways, they can come up with agreements that will cover the custody of any children involved, the division of property and other assets, any spousal maintenance that may need to be paid, as well as any child support payments that may be involved. Divorce lawyers are able to help by coming up with agreements that both parties are happy and are also legally binding so that both people are protected. Furthermore, they will ensure that all agreements are fair and reasonable.

Other things that divorce lawyers can help with

Aside from helping parting couples with legally binding agreements, divorce lawyers are able to help with a host of other situations as well. For instance, if a person suspects that they are not the actual parent of a child, they may be able to request a paternity test. There are many legalities when it comes to this, so it is important that professional help is sought out before any requests are made or discussions are had. Furthermore, paternity tests can sometimes be used as evidence in court so once again, it is imperative to take all of the correct steps to organising this. Other things that divorce lawyers can help with are grandparent’s rights, intervention orders, counselling and mediation, same-sex marriages, as well as much more. All in all, there are many reasons why it is so important to seek professional help. The law is there to help protect people, it is just about understanding it correctly so that the best outcomes can be achieved and everybody involved can feel happy. Covering all bases can be an extremely wise move and makes things more likely to go to plan.

The benefits of solar power

Residental solar power

Have you ever thought of installing residential solar power panels in your house? Maybe you have considered it but when you saw the price of installation, you took a step back thinking that it was too big of an expense or not worth the time spent on upkeep of the technology. However, residential solar power installation is becoming more and more common and as the technology improves, the effectiveness from using residential solar power is growing. What are the advantages you can get from have solar panels installed in your house?


The environment is a huge talking point in the media today. Most tv shows or news bulletins will have a small section on the environment and how we can help preserve it. Wouldn’t you like to do your bit too? Installing residential solar power panels in your house is one way to do this. Solar energy is a renewable source and will not run out, no matter how much you use it. By installing panels on your roof, you will be doing your bit for the environment and getting an effective energy source that can power your house for years.

Maintenance costs

There are no moving parts to produce solar energy, so maintenance is generally quite low. The only thing you may need to worry about is keeping the panels clean so that they work efficiently while after around 10 years the inverter, which converts the light into usable energy, and the cables may need to be replaced. You will put a lot of money into installation for residential solar power panels but after that investment will be quite low.

Reduces Bills

Installing residential solar power panels will reduce your electricity bill in the long run. Some of your electricity and heating needs will be met by what you are producing. In the summer, this should increase even further. Many homes that have panels are also connected to the electricity grid so if they don’t need some electricity they can export it back to the national grid. Any excess electricity can also be sold at higher rates during the day to increase savings.

Many governments offer tax breaks to those using renewable energy for their home. Coupled with lower electricity and heating bills could see you making a very healthy saving and a quick return on the initial investment.

Having said all that there are some disadvantages from installing residential solar power panels. Initial installation is still expensive, wiring, batteries and panels all take time to install and once done you will be looking at a hefty bill. While you will be helping the environment when your panels are installed, and everything is working correctly, pollution has been linked to the transport of the materials needed to install everything.

Many feel that installing panels on the roof of a house can bring down the aesthetic value. However, technology has developed so much in the past few years, that transparent energy windows now exist.

When it comes to actually using the energy produced by residential solar power panels, things can get a little complicated too. The energy is weather dependant so while it can still be produced on a dreary winters day, it will be a lot less than you need. Energy collected on a sunny day can be stored in batteries however this can be expensive and possibly more stress than it is worth when it comes to your energy needs.

Residential solar power is definitely something that can help the environment but make sure you do a thorough cost analysis before decided that they are right energy source for you.

It is worth getting gas hot water in NZ

hot water cylinder

There are many people out there who are wanting to find the best way to heat their homes. Those who are building for the first time or who wish to replace their current system will want to find something that is not only environmentally friendly but that is also cost-effective. Furthermore, people will want to find options that aren’t too much of an eyesore or that are too loud. When investigating, it is likely that researchers will come across the option of a hot water cylinder (otherwise known as gas water heaters). There are a few different options out there when it comes to gas hot water in NZ and so people will want to know a) if it is worth getting gas hot water in NZ and b) which option is the best one for them. It is important that people make the best decision for them the first time as it can cost a bit initially to purchase a system and to also have it installed. Because of this, people will want their choices to last for as long as possible. As it is such an important decision to make, this article will explore this topic further.

The benefits of choosing gas hot water in NZ

One of the many great things about choosing gas hot water in NZ is that they can come in different sizes. For example, someone with a slightly smaller building could opt for a 135L model whereas those who are needing something with a higher capacity could choose a 360 model. What’s more is that most companies will offer a 7 or 10-year cylinder warranty meaning that purchasers can have peace of mind knowing that their investment will withstand the test of time. They will also tend to have a 4 or 5-star energy rating which means that they aren’t too impactful on the environment and they won’t cost a fortune to run. On top of all of this, they tend to have a fast recovery time which means that households won’t have to wait long for their showers and baths to be warm again. This is extremely important for households that have a few inhabitants who will all, of course, have to shower or bathe each day. For these reasons as well as many more, many people do believe that it is worth getting gas hot water in NZ.

When is it a good idea to choose a continuous flow option?

For those who may be looking into the option of gas hot water in NZ, they may be wanting to find something that will ensure that they never have to wait to have a warm shower or bath. There can be many reasons for this but it is usually because people will have large households. When this is the case, people are able to look into continuous flow options. These options will have a 6-star energy rating and will once again come with a 10-year warranty. There are different capacities that can usually be chosen from ranging from 12L to 27L so that all different households can experience the benefits. While, of course, there are many different benefits to choosing this option, the only time where something like this may not be suitable is when someone doesn’t have access to natural gas. When this is the case, people will either have to organise a way that they can be connecting or will have to choose something electric. All in all, when it comes to answering the question if it is worth to choose an option such as this, it is likely that the answer will be a yes.