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Thousands of Croatia\'s far-right supporters are marching in downtown Zagreb to protest an international convention they say indirectly legalizes gay marriages and gives rights to transgender people.
Taylor Swift is proudly showing her support for the March for Our Lives movements.
A Portuguese airline has apologized for keeping more than 100 passengers stranded at Stuttgart airport in southwestern Germany after one of its flights was canceled last-minute because of a drunken co-pilot.
The speaker of Catalonia\'s parliament has suspended a scheduled vote to elect a jailed separatist leader as the new regional president of the restive northeastern corner of Spain.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a surprise visit to Northern Ireland on Friday as part of their pre-wedding tour of the United Kingdom.
During a very improbable NCAA tournament run, Loyola University’s biggest star is Sister Jean who has captured attention for her prayers and bracket
Thumb drives used to be so cool. They came in every shape and material, from little plastic rectangles to rubber wristbands, novelty animals, and pens sporting a built-in USB-drive. We used to marvel at the data they contained, easily dragged and dropped into a special icon. They were simple and portable, and yes, about the size of a human thumb.
Egypt\'s Interior Ministry says an explosion in the coastal city of Alexandria has killed at least one policeman and wounded four others.
Syrian state media is reporting that some 7,000 members of a rebel group and their relatives are getting ready to leave eastern Ghouta near the capital Damascus to opposition-held areas north of the country.
President Donald Trump’s remarks after signing a massive $1.3 trillion, 2,232-page spending bill this week made clear he was not happy about doing it.

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